Black Trump Patriot Destroys Violent Communists

A black Trump voter confronted the communists who reportedly attacked him at a Planned Parenthood protest.

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  1. you americans citizens must understand what divide and conquer is. explanation we divide not the political parties but you, the citizens reason why alex votes trump: alex followers and cnn fox news followers we make believe that trump is different than hillary 50% of americans follow trump 50% follow hillary. both work for AIPAC. to AIPAC is irrelevant who wins, as the objective is divide america not hillary@trump. because hillary and trump work for aipac. but you do not. therefore AIPAC rules while americans figth amongst themselves
    and believe trump is different than hillary. and the nation is unders control of AIPAC while americans kill each other's, police kills blacks blacks kill policemen. in the end is the easy way to enslave all and have just marionettes as presidents while AIPAC calls the tunes.


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