The Writing is on The Wall - President Trump Derails The NWO

 The writing's on the wall folks and you're seeing it here first. Donald J Trump is going to rock this world and he's got divine endorsement to clean house. Huge ramifications will take place as corrupt organizations fall in a domino effect one by one throughout the world. The curtain has open and the cockroaches have been exposed. Its over for the elites, its over for the UN, its over for the IRS, its over for the Vatican, its over for the NWO. Donald Trump will not only make America Great Again, he is the beginning of the end for the king makers illuminati bloodline throughout the earth. He not only has the endorsement of most of the American people, he was born for this time and he's under divine guidance. He is not alone in this quest, he's got the backing of powerful sectors that will assist in case the bully cronies of the establishment decide to flex their muscle.
You will not read this in any prophetic book. This is the will of our Creator. The cancer of the earth will be removed completely. Monsanto, and all organizations related to all genetic bombardments on humanity and on our beautiful flat earth will be eradicated.

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