Saturday, April 30, 2016

Why Is Obama Preparing For A Conflict With Russia Now?

In this video Luke Rudkowski gives you a full updated geo political breakdown of the latest tensions between Vladimir Putin of Russia and Barack Obama of the U.S. We go over the latest aggressions from both sides, new troop deployments and development of Russian hypersonic nuclear weapons.

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  1. “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”
    How technology created or better say brought to life DE Gaulle as your current technological big Brother is a question to ask? Huxley, Orwell's and DE Gaulle they could have known each other, and plan the event? somehow can be logical, feasible. However, from 1933 to 2016 the length of time is considerable, technology is the means and time something that remains a? time and timing. how it works as an absolute, inside here out there and the dimensions we do not perceive however since Britain now has become a serf of the AIPAC Zionist Barons, so what does the Queen think about all this, Corbyn affair? will she be put away by the Zionist Barons in Britain or longshanks return to fix the issue? What do you think.? as is somewhat insolent and degrading having Zionist Barons dictating how Britain should behave. DE Gaulle can help and settle the dispute. same as 1066. 899 - 1066, remember, these times, Britain 2016 is occupied by Zionism, Duke of Normandy, Roger Beaumont. however, since history does not repeat itself exactly as the last time & space. DE Gaulle comes to the rescue, 2016, and saves Britain from the Zionist hands. that is why 2016 has 1066 in it. Making Paris France for 2016 the center of the world: 889 + 1066 = 1965. + 2 = 1967.
    “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”
    As fact the return of Israel to the 1967 borders would be a world event, so big peace will immediately return to the middle east, and pave the way to a rational nuclear arms reduction and a moral and ethical evolution all over the middle east including the hotspots of Qatar and Kuwait Saudi kingdom. The benefits will me enormous to clean development new technologies, the Palmyra realm can as well fix the refugees crisis and render it beneficial, a total upturn of global hostilities as well an aftereffect of civilities in all worlds cities. Same as the coming of a saint to the human consciousness, the fact that is De Gaulle words that created even fixes the Brexit and economical hurdles such as Russian sanctions and other gremlins, De Gaulle exist today in YouTube. So he somehow represents a spirit a soul, a technological savvy, philosophers and commentator’s will have new subjects as humanist and psychologist, artist, news medias and film makers as well profit from these new wonderful events, religions consolidate as their inner divisions following pope Francis initiative with the orthodox Christians. Certainty the losers would be the capitalism of wars, and their orchestra of bankers and financiers. However, De Gaulle was a general of the armed forces same as General Eisenhower and both agreed on the uncontrollable spending on weapons of mass destruction globally, this will even help the UN and increase its credibility and respect. In fact, everybody benefits ISRAEL becomes the place of sainthood the center of union of religions of the west as they accept the 1967 borders, and is done just by following De Gaulle solution after the 1967 Israeli war. See all done by a machine represented by the living French president in Paris, Versailles ideal place for the event, and the French president probably will be as famous as Napoleon for ever after.


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