Why The Antichrist Will Be Revealed In 5 May 2016 ?!

Why The Antichrist Will Be Revealed In 5 May 2016 ?! The Antichrist Is A Sign of the Last Days . It seems clear that the activity of the Antichrist belongs to a period in the Bible described as the last days.There are many prophecies that tell us that the coming of the Antichrist will be in 2016 . The Anti-Christ,The AntiChrist,The Coming Of The Anti-Christ,Anti-Christ coming,end world,the end of the world,end time,End Times,end of days,prophecy,dollar collapse,economy,politics,obama,america,­us,world,war,media,IMF,new world order,China,Russia,trump,Jesus Christ,The Bible,Illuminati,God,Truth,Prophecy,Evol­ution,Demons,Antichrist,False Prophe,Satan,obama,Putin,pope francis,Vatican,israel,Political News,Bible Prophecy,bbc,Fox News,elections 2016,Messiah

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