Leo Zagami : Pope Calls For One World Religion

 On today's show, researcher Leo Zagami breaks down how the "Panama Papers" could influence global politics.

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  1. alex trump does has an advantage over the 99% of brainwashed americans however he is as well somewhat programed and those that has programed him has an advantage over trump + the 99% hope this makes some sense to you.

  2. Pope Francis broke with 2000 years of Christian tradition when he washed the feet of non believers which doctrinally 'mocked' Christ. Communion and feet washing as an extended part of the 'last supper' (check the words of the service and scripture) is for those who wish to commune with Christ" as believers in HIM. some sects even deny it to those who are not baptized and some to those who are not baptized members of their own denomination Most have it open to all who wish to be one with Christ. The symbolism the Pope did was to bow to the Mahdi and other faiths as the 'representative of Christ" on Earth as the Qu'ran says the returned Christ will follow the Mahdi. No Christian could ever be part of a one world religion without turning on Christ and being and 'anti Christ.' The one world religion has been set up to be the GODDESS religion since Constantine turned the Virgin Mary into an eternal virgin and turned her temples into Mary worshipping temples instead of her being honored as a devout woman and Mother of the church who had other children with her husband and the translatins are clear on this. The church split as many of the eastern church leaders were being told they had never been born as they were descendants of Mary and Joseph, one of whom was chief translator for the King James Bible centuries later. Constantine did what was needed to be done to maintain power of a one world government and blended church and state into one. something that the 10 Commandments forbids as one in power is not to act like a god, nor are the people to worship a leader as a god and as the 10th commandment says . One in power is not to abuse(covet)power and we, the people do not have to let an abusive leader remain in power and the founders of the USA gave us peaceful means in the US Constitution to get rid of a bad leader by peaceful means, either vote them out of office or impeachment. Now the fertility high places go up 4/19/16 after all the other faiths have had to take theirs down. The first akendment is crucial NO ONE WORLD RELIGION AS EACH ONE IS TO HAVE EQUAL SPACE SO EACH PERSON CAN PICK THE ONE THEY CHOOSSE TO AAS ALL THE INFO IS AVAILABLE TO CHOOSE OR CREATE THEIR OWN 'spaghetti monster faith' as one town permitted to have space a few years ago. As a Christian I believe when all is open to be shared most will end up at the foot of the cross of the risen Savior maybe with some new insights of mysteries even we do not fully understand yet and why its called 'faith/' THE KEY IS ITS BEEN SAID THE UN IS PUTTING UP 1000 OF THESE GODESS ARCHES AND ISIS WILL BE INCENSED TO REMOVE THEM AS THIS IS AN INCITING TO VIOLENCE. ALLOWING ALL FAITHS TO PUT UP THEIR SYMBOLS IS THE FRIST AMENDMENT IN PROACTICE BUT SATAN WILL NOT OIKE THAT TO HAVE THE FREEDOM OF RELIGION AND SPEECH AS FORCED FAITH HS NEVER WORKED AND DONE SO BY VIOLENCE FOR MOST OF HUMAN HISTORY. VOTE IN ALL LEVELS OF ELECTIONS. WHERE ARE ALL THOSE CHRISTIAN GORUPS WHO PROTESTED THE TAKING DOWN OF FAITH SYMBOLS? to demand equal space for each.. the 10 commandments was the original document that said that church and state should be separated and our founders knew this as we have forgotten. The ancient world did so as Israel was the ounding of separation of church and sate as they never had a leader or King worshipped as a god as the rest of the world had and still seems to want to elect a 'saviot' from among imperfect humans and whey we have a balance of powers to stop the imperfections of ay human who falls to the temptation of abusing power. and we the people who do not vote to show our ultimate power have 'in abstencia' been worshipping the ones in power to remain without out our approval or removal. Linda Joy Adams


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