How the Vatican Catholic Church Created Islam -- Ex Jesuit Alberto Rivera

Alberto Magno Romero Rivera was an anti-Catholic religious activist who was the source of many of the conspiracy theories about the Vatican espoused by fundamentalist Christian author Jack Chick. Wikipedia

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  1. Personally, when all the known world of the time under Constantine had to have one doctrine or 'one world religion' some were completely left out including a group in the Middle East who believed in Christ , but had some variations on the nature of what that meant. A void was created in humanity which always seems to have a need to worship something that has been in us from the beginning of creation. A knowledge of a creator deity. Others tried at times to form their own versions of Chrstianity but were 'snuffed' out be the power of the one. But further away in the Middle east in a void of different opinion, they were left with NO FAITH group as one could not belong to the whole of humanity if one did not submit to Rome. The East and west churches soon split and became two ,more powerful entities and the east allowed some differences of opinion to co exist, unlike the weatern church BUT IN THE MIDDLE EAST,IN THIS VOID ROSE ISLAM. We are again trying to make all believe the same and forgetting that a One world religion where all must believe exactly alike does not work and those trying to do it again, will find it does not work. IT GOES AGAINST FREEDOM WHICH IS AN INHERENT PART OF EVERY HUMAN CREATED WITH FREE WILL. Vatican II acknowledged that other Christians may well be 'saved' also. But we seem to be in a backlash of that, now. As a Christian I do believe that with all the different opionions of things out there that one who sorts through all will end up , by free will, at the foot of the cross of the risen savior. But faith has to come from within one own belief and not forced on one by force of others either violent or non violent coercion. Linda Joy Adams

  2. What a load of bullshit. Jesus told the Jews they were liars and murderers from the beginning. This is just another attempt to say that the enemies of Christ are allowed to steal Palestinian land from both Christians and Muslims.


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