Tuesday, April 26, 2016

GMO Creatures released in the Wild

Agenda 21 : Oxitec plans to release GMO Mosquitoes ...

we all know who wants the blood sacrifice .. its the devil side of things not the divine .. again this is outside teachings ... and jesus teaches us the inside thru the parable .... the parable is the cloak .. jesus is symbolic of the brighter side of ourselves .. our very own higher conscious this idea that the divine pushes his only son under the bus for the human population is Ludacris ... to demand or expect salvation thru the low conscious acts of violence torture and murder is not very godly .. its twisted nonsense and im surprised with ur hammering this blasphemy home like u do in our bible there is a constancy of inward and outward .. inside and outside ... within and without ... these are references to the two sides to the stories and our masters ... the kingdom of man is outside and the divine is inside

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