EBT Shutdown 2016! What Your Government DOESN’T Want You To Know!!!

Here's What They DON'T Want You To Know!!!

As early as 1999, your government has been initiating biometric identification systems to be equipped with EBT/SNAP cards (See Documents Below). According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service, such a program will be enforced "in order to protect food stamps program fraud." Not only that, but many of these biometrics will require finger imaging, if not facial recognition. As of September 1999, nine states have already agreed and accepted to such program. You can only imagine the progression your government and other "participating" states have made within these past seventeen years...

But That's Not All!

In 2016 alone, the government is looking to cut over 500,000 people from their SNAP/EBT benefits, and could cut up to over 1 million within a three-month period. And if you thought that was bad, governments and state representatives alike are looking to cut from those who need it the most (See CBPP Document Below). Not to mention other program cuts the government is conspiring to do, along with other plans for depopulation (See U.N. Agenda 2030 for more!)



In October 2013 and September 2015, America experienced a nationwide EBT shutdown. Of course, such a shutdown was blamed on a "computer glitch" and NOT a "government shutdown," but either way, THIS SHOULD BE RINGING SOME SERIOUS ALARM BELLS!!!

Now the question we should be wondering is WHY?

WHY would the government need to implement biometric identification systems (or a potential RFID chip) for food stamps? WHY have they been TESTING the EBT shutdown, and even cutting close to 1 million Americans (if not more) from EBT in this year alone?
WHY all the reported EBT "failures" within the past few months alone?

And WHAT could be the Bigger Agenda ahead?


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  1. correction! The government is not in control. ACS, as part of an interlocked cabal is by authority of Congress in 2002 when funding for civil and criminal oversight was removed for govt contractors and these contractors can do as they please with our money, our rights and use of info. It was also in 1999 that all of our medical records of those with any kind of health insurance or govt paid for health plan9 there is no govt run plans anymore (other than VA now has some over sight thanks to Sen Sanders)--OUR MEDICAL RECOREDS ARE OWNED BY GROUP HEALTH INC, N0W EMBLEM HEALTH INTERNATIONAL.
    I appreciate your article, but let's get this accurate. THE GOVT IS NOT IN CHARGE OF MUCH OF ANYTHING ANY MORE AND HAS NOT BEEN SINCE 2002 UNDER THE 3 GOVERNING LAW THAT WAS INTERPRETED TO CONTRACT OUT THE REAL GOVT WITH NO OVER SIGHT OF ANY KIND FUNDED. That means that no one in the govt knows what is going on in the contractors and often they ignore the laws, regulations and blatantly violate terms of their contracts. There are no internal audit controls and systems are not created as the feds require and we taxpayers paid for and no one even allowed to check things out. WE ARE BEING ROBBED AND CONGRESS DID IT AND NONE SINCE HAS CHANGED IT BACK SO THAT OUR GOVT KNOWS AND CAN ACT TO STOP CRIMES AND VIOLATIONS OF OUR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. The SEC was also defunded of over sight of govt contractors at the same time and has gotten some fines and penalties of this cabal in private industry but nothing like the monies and rights stolen in side. States have been ripped off big time in some of their state programs also. ACS and their over 150 companies and as many interlocked partners are in charge and that includes every workers worker's comp, now holding contracts from insurers modelled after the deadly mess perfected since 2002 on us Federal workers first and no one cares. That contract at the US Dept of Labor was given to this cabal Affiliated Computer services) XEROX front? company since 1988 when it was "overtaken?" for total control and that means no in the govt has ownership of our govt files any more. nor can access them without approval of the owners , the unaccountable goct contractors and that means no one can access their own govt files. That person is now a convicted criminal in the Jack Abramoff bribery scandal that the full investigation never got completed at HHS, DOL, SSA and ? Horace M Cooper who told me that he order on me was "let her die" and the struggle for life is very real as too many others , have lost the battle.Congress did a study a decade ago of the deaths as the HIPPAA law does not cover govt contractors and when you go to get medical care and its not a doctor that knows you, you may be getting some one else's treatment or a your diagnosis may have had a typo that made it something else... I found out a decade ago when I had a close brush with death myself and the hospital told me about it and I have tried unsuccessfully to get anything done since then. Don Berwick MD was going to get this medical data bank under the HIPPAA law and get some over sight of the government contactors before Hillarycare got passed which we call Obamacare and Congress would not confirm him for not being pro life? or did the crooks not want their robbing of the USA to stop? The USA voted in a Dem and of course we would not get a Pro life Director of CMS, would we? But we could have had one to stop the thefts and deaths and harm from huge deadly mistakes of Congress left to cause ongoing harm. All I write is well documented and 38 federal judges in multiple agencies are being defied by the head of this the hired had CEO Lynn Blodgett, who can be replaced by his bosses ON MY CASES ALONE. Linda Joy Adams


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