Donald Trump Threatens Petrodollar System, U.S.-Saudi Relations

Donald Trump Threatens Saudi Arabia

Christian economist Jerry Robinson opens today's show by discussing GOP Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump's recent "tough talk" on Saudi Arabia and why it's good for America.

In a recent NY Times interview, GOP Presidential frontrunner, Donald Trump has publicly stated that he might halt purchases of oil from Saudi Arabia and other Arab allies unless they commit ground troops to the fight against ISIS or “substantially reimburse” the United States for fighting ISIS, which threatens the Arab allies’ stability in the region.

And its not just about U.S. troops being put in harm’s way to fight Saudi Arabia’s various terror spawns across the region. As President, Trump has also promised to release the currently classified 28 pages from the 9/11 Commission Report which provide specific details on who financed the 9/11 attacks.

According to the few U.S. Senators who have been granted access to these pages, the 9/11 attacks were likely financed by the highest levels of the Saudi Royal Family.

Saudi Arabia has one of the worst human rights records in the world. And while the U.S. economy and foreign policy relies upon a compliant Saudi Arabia, Trump is calling the oil-rich sheiks out, demanding that they use their vast military power to rein in their own terror spawns across the region.

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  1. the petrodollars is the global reserve currency as well, however what donald proposes is have muslims attack americans rather than israel. the reason is breaking the petro monarchies is the end of israeli saudi scheme. more about the grand israel by next month..


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