5 Nostradamus Predictions for 2016!

5 Nostradamus Predictions 2016! Very accurate predictions of Nostradamus of 2016! Ready?!


- 1. Unusual Weather Patterns

Nostradamus predicted that unusual weather changes and natural disasters will become stronger and stronger on 2016. He also stated that "Water shall be seen to rise as the ground is seen to fall underneath’. We have seen snow in spring in some parts of the world in 2015 as well as unusual temperature changes that will lead to this new year.Nostradamus also predicts that strange planetary positions and other astronomical changes will cause major changes on earth. We can just hope that these changes will not be linked with another earthquake or tsunami. Because if it does, then expect a massive destruction on Earths surface. But to keep you away from worrying, these are only predictions.

- 2. 2016 Asteroid Impact On Earth

Nostradamus claimed that in April of 2016, Russian scientists will spot a 5.6-mile wide asteroid on an impact course with Earth. In May of 2016, the asteroid is supposed to impact on either May 15 or May 17, and the resulting destruction will kill 1.2 billion people. This particular 2016 prediction has already been covered and NASA says there’s nothing to fear yet. But, no one knows. Although, the prediction is still there.

- 3. Obama, The Las President

Nostradamus predicted the election of Obama in 2013, but he also claimed that Obama would be the last American President that America will ever have. Does this mean that there will be no more future presidents in the US? But how? Does this also mean that America will no longer be the greatest world superpower? Who will replace it? China? North Korea? Russia? What do you think its going to happen? Well, one thing is for sure. Nobody is certain. Time will only tell.

- 4. Explosions in the Middle East

A lot of explosions will occur in the Middle East, and Nostradamus wrote that planes will be falling from the sky within 2016 and to mount it off, the Middle East has faced numerous problems and civil conflicts during the past 4 years. The Arab Spring has triggered wars in more than 10 countries like Egypt, Tunisia, Somalia, Libya, Bahrain and Syria. We have already witnessed the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 which happened on Mar. 8, 2014.
There was another plane which was almost torpedoed by a North Korean missile, 2 days earlier. So, will there actually really be explosions dropped all over the middle east and take thousands or even millions of innocent lives? Well, We will just have to wait and see. But , we hope not.

- 5. World War 3 Prediction

Nostradamus claims WWIII will begin in 2016 as a result of the struggle with ISIS. He also made an ambiguous statement that is making us believe that Iraq war/invasion was the first major sign (for our timeline) that the world as we know might be coming to an end sooner than we will ever expect..... Was the 2015 Paris Terrorist attack a hint of what will be caused around the world on 2016?

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