The Truth About Hillary Clinton's Email Controversy

 In the latest of a long series of political controversies involving the Clinton family, democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is under federal investigation for the use of an unsecured private email server while working as Secretary of State. As rumors swirl about the FBI investigation and possible indictment of Clinton, more are becoming aware that she violated federal law, State Department protocol and many regulations governing record-keeping requirements.

What is the Truth About The Hillary Clinton Email Controversy?

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  1. bernie sanders well Bernie what can you do washington is corrupt and is own by AIPAC, since 1913, we all know america does not exist as is portrayed to the world: how would you revived, donald trump is just another bill clinton same as GW bush so hope you understand that democracy in america is just a very good moment for advertising agencies and publicist that's all the rest is just BS democracy and a republic is something america has not discovered so far, in the future they might. for now hollywood has replaced reason and sitcoms democracy.


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