Bilderberg Threatens to Kill Donald Trump

Bilderberg Tweets Cryptic Death Threat to Donald Trump: Trump Starts to Wear Bulletproof Vest

A threat to kill Trump was issued just a few days after the publication of my previous video, where I speculated Trump might be in danger for saying he would reveal 9/11 secrets as president. New York Times columnist and neocon Ross Douthat tweeted an assassination threat against Trump, but deleted the tweet the next day after people protested. The NYT has huge historical connections with Bilderberg Group. Multiple columnists and editors have attended Bilderberg throughout the years.

In case you were wondering, I had to change the title of my previous video because Youtube blocked it in search results. Sorry for the confusion.

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  1. DEATH TO BILDERBERG. DEATH to all of your demonic poor excuses for humanity. The shadow you cast is a lot smaller than you think and we can see you, We know who you are and where you are, And soon - if anything at all happens to Donald Trump - you will see US! Mark our words. It will be over for you before it's over for us. 100,000,000 voices will drown you in your own depravity. Wait for it!

  2. Sorry to be realistic.. But if they kill Trump as they did to Kennedy and recently to Scalia it wil be old news in two days.We live in such a violent society, thanks to Hollywood zionists, that killing and assisination is just another movie of the day. There is no longer any moral or ethical conscious. TODAY hundreds conncected with Obama and BUsh are being knocked off all the time.. You can find lists of who and why on the net, Killary and Slick willie knocked off more than 150. Some of them recently. The only thing Trump can do is what G. Bush did. Travel around in an armed vehicale with 1 foot thick doors and wear super kevlar armour at all times. Stay out of crowds and speak on controled TV rooms inside the office.


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