Tuesday, January 19, 2016

"Dr. Doom" Stephen Hawking Humanity To be Wiped Out

hawking is probably still a very well known theoretical physicist but that is overshadowed by men who fly around in armored suits saving the world and big green angry geniuses, or other smart men that are running around stone henge in the nude

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  1. Alex, you complain that the collapse is staged, which it is, but then you don´t follow through with the courage to explain why. The israeli zionists are collapsing the economy so that they can take it over , through war and through economic collapse. The zionists want the New World Order, so why are you afraid to talk about it. Because your producers are jewish? your vitamins are produced by jews? your wife is a jew? You don´t follow up with your swing and you are not hitting your mark, and it shows. SO, who are your GLOBALISTS?
    They are the Israeli Zionists but you are silent on this. Come out of the closet.


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