Thursday, January 21, 2016

Central Bank Debt Bubble Will Wipe Out Large Portion Of Global Population. By Gregory Mannarino

 The largest debt holders work in a collective group to minipulate the market ....if the largest debt holders were to sell . I cannot say what will happen...... when obama leaves office it is estimated 21 trillion in debt....he stated in a speech about 3 years ago ...the debt is sustainable for the next 10 years...ok if he knows the debt is sustainable for the next 10 years and this man is the POTUS.... why the phuck does he not ACT NOW ? For surely this NATION IS SET UP FOR FAILURE ......AT what point Do WE THE PEOPLE FORCE THIS OUT OF CONTROL SPENDING GOVERNMENT TO LIVE WITHIN OUR PHUCKING MEANS....WHAT will be left for our children this is so much debt it will never be payed back PERIOD.........NOT EVEN COUNTING OUR UNFUNDED LIABILITYS........I MEAN COME ON PEOPLE WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH BARROWING 47 cents on every dollar this nation spends ....if you cannot see the future of a collapse you and every one eles that cannot see it are as ignorant as a sheep being led to SLAUGHTER.....NOTHING PERSONAL ISUKUSA...JUST SAYING....wake up sheep people........

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