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Cybersecurity Extortion - Coast To Coast AM - June 3, 2015

Coast To Coast AM - June 3, 2015 Cybersecurity Extortion & C2D1 Haunting

In the first half, whistleblower and former CEO of a medical laboratory Michael Daugherty discussed how his company, LabMD, faced extortion from a cybersecurity company, followed by a court case against the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). In 2010, the cybersecurity company Tiversa contacted LabMD to tell them that there'd been a security breach and that 9,000 files including clients' names, social security numbers, and medical diagnoses had been hacked. But Daugherty realized it was a scam operation by Tiversa-- they were the ones who hacked into LabMD and were trying to force his company to hire them to respond to the breach.

When Daugherty refused to hire them, Tiversa went to the FTC to tip them off about the "data breach." Subsequently, the FTC filed charges against LabMD, when they refused to sign a "consent decree"-- a plea deal that includes years of audits. The FTC used my company as a stepping stone to build common law, Daugherty complained, so they could increase their jurisdiction over the cybersecurity regulation of medicine. His subsequent book, The Devil Inside the Beltway, serves as an exposé of the government's questionable practices, and his ongoing David vs. Goliath battle with them.


Chris DiCesare was a normal college student in the 1980s until a series of events began to unfold in his dorm room, C2D1 Erie Hall at SUNY Geneseo in New York state, which came to be known as the C2D1 Haunting. In the show's latter half, he related the strange events that he and his college mates experienced as they interacted with a spirit they identified as "Tommy" beginning in February 1985. Initially, he heard whispering voices, even as he listened to music over headphones. Then, he actually saw a specter, a young man around 15 or 20, who would have passed for a normal human, if he hadn't seen his legs going through the stereo.

While showering one day, he saw a silhouette on the bathroom wall, and was then attacked, with three visible scratches appearing from his neck to waist. Chris and his roommate decided to call in local clergy and wanted to present evidence of the ghost-- what came out was an odd skeletal image. Other people in the dorm also experienced or heard the apparition, and one student who reportedly heard the apparition call out Chris' name, ended up committing suicide. DiCesare said an audio recording was made in his room of a strange sounding voice saying "help me." Shortly before he moved out of the dorm, he interacted with the spirit, asking it to leave. The C2D1 events were depicted as part of the SyFy series, 'School Spirits,' in the episode Dorm Room Nightmare.

News segment guests: Mish Shedlock, Joseph Jacobs

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Massive Military Build Up Across US Includes FEMA and UN Vehicles

 I want to thank all the subs that sent in pics and footage from across the country. This massive build up of military activity has shown to include the use of FEMA & UN Vehicles.
Most people only know to label it as Jade Helm, because that's the big Drill Most folks have Heard of at this point. The problem is, all of this has been well in advance of Jade Helm 15, and also includes states that were never listed in the Operation.
I will continue to share the footage you guys send in. Remember, WE Are Our Eyes and Ears! Much Love!

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Bilderberg Group Agenda NWO Plan War on Cash Has Begun

Cashless societies are a GLOBAL policy dictated by the elite structure in order to have maximum control over the citizens. Governments have been systematically implementing capital controls and preventing cash transactions to put an end to individual sovereignty. This scheme has been expanding into every corner of the world and once fully intact, they can begin shutting off the monetary system to those they disapprove of.

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Obamatrade: TPP begins to unravel -- The Alex Jones Show June 5 2015

The Alex Jones Show (VIDEO Commercial Free) Friday June 5 2015: News

Date: 06/05/2015 -- -Today - On this Friday, June 5 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, the TPP trade package is beginning to unravel, as more prominent voices slam President Obama and the Republican leadership over the secretive deal threatening American jobs and handing new powers to big corporations. We'll also look at increased urban warfare drills taking place across the country and the USA Freedom ACT, which some Americans believe actually gives them “freedom.” Political advisor and warmist agenda critic Lord Christopher Monckton joins the show today to discuss the potential climate change policies included in the current trade deals. Also today, Francis A. Boyle, professor of international law at the University of Illinois College of Law, breaks down the recent government shipments of anthrax and other instances of state sponsored terrorism. We'll also take your calls during this global transmission.

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Expert Predicts Anthrax Attacks Will Be Used To Push Russian War

 Alex Jones talks with geopolitical expert Francis A. Boyle about the possibility of a coming war with Russia.

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David Stockman : DOCUMENTING THE COLLAPSE The World Is Falling Apart

David Stockman The Global Economy Has Entered The Crack Up Phase

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Gerald Celente : Chinese Yuan will rival the US Dollar Globally

About Gerald Celente : Founder of The Trends Research Institute in 1980, Gerald Celente is a pioneer trend strategist. He is author of the national bestseller Trends 2000: How to Prepare for and Profit from the Changes of the 21st Century and Trend Tracking: The System to Profit from Today's Trends (Warner Books). Gerald Celente's on-time trend forecasts, vibrant style, articulate delivery and vivid public presence makes him a favorite of major media.

Gerald Celente
Gerald Celente

The world's only trends analyst covering 300 diversified trends fields, Gerald Celente and The Trends Research Institute provide trend research studies and consulting services to businesses and governments worldwide. Celente also designed the nation’s first professional course in trend forecasting. In addition to providing specialized trend research services,

Americans Think the USA Freedom Act Gives Them Freedom Elite NWO Agenda Elite NWO Agenda

Despite days of intense media coverage about the USA Freedom Act, Americans on the streets of New York have no idea what it actually is, with some even believing the bill gives Americans their freedoms. The USA Freedom Act passed the House on Tuesday and President Obama signed it into law that same day. According to many analysts, the legislation is actually just as bad as the expired Patriot Act, but those details didn’t seem to concern shoppers in Times Square, who were struggling to come to grips with far simpler concepts.

One man said he was “seriously confused” about the Patriot Act turning into the Freedom Act, while another didn’t know what either pieces of legislation were, but that the latter sounded better because freedom. Lori Harfenist’s previous conversations with the American public don’t make for comfortable viewing either. No one knows what the TPP is (one guy thought it was a brand of toilet paper), while some couldn’t recall any information about the most important event of the 20th century – World War II. As you can tell from the video below, the zombie plague sweeping America doesn’t appear to be coming to an end any time soon. 1) The recent decision of the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals that the bulk collection of American citizens’ telecommunications information was not authorized by the USA PATRIOT Act means that as of this afternoon, the bulk collection of American citizens’ telecommunications information was an illegal act. The government was breaking the law each time it grabbed our metadata. The moment the FREEDOM is signed by President Obama that same activity will become legal. How is making an unconstitutional and illegal act into a legal one a benefit to civil liberties?

2) The FREEDOM Act turns private telecommunications companies into agents of state security. They will be required to store our personal information and hand it over to state security organs upon demand. How do we know this development is a step in the wrong direction? It is reportedly the brainchild of Gen. Keith B. Alexander, the NSA director at the time! According to press reports, this was but a public relations move to deflect criticism of the bulk collection program. Alexander “saw the move as a way for Obama to respond to public criticism without losing programs the NSA deemed more essential,” reports Homeland Security News. There has been much in the mainstream news recently about population control. In fact, there seems to be a concerted effort by the Elite to introduce the idea as a legitimate debate about dealing with the “problem” of over-population. It appears the elite are trying to legitimize these claims using the global warming argument that CO2, which humans exhale, must be minimized at all costs.

Concerned researchers have tried to warn the public for decades that depopulation plans were indeed happening in stealth, quoting members of the ruling class like Rockefeller and others who clearly had motivation to implement them. 1. Food: GMO (genetically modified organisms) foods that represent around 75% of the American diet, especially non-reproductive “terminator seeds,” have proven to cause mass sterilization within only three generations. In the third world, Turner has contributed billions to population reduction, through United Nations programs, paving the way for others like of Bill and Melinda Gates, and Warren Buffett. These same figures have also donated vast sums of money to Planned Parenthood and vaccination programs that many have identified as methods of population control. Most of us will admit to being glued to our mobile phones, but this motorcyclist has taken his obsession to another level.

A man has been pictured calmly playing on his mobile phone after being knocked from his motorbike. These bizarre photos were taken in Changsha, the capital of Hunan Province, in southern China However, to have that notion aggressively reinforced by the plethora of Chinese flags that invaded DC this week goes beyond mere pomp and ceremony.

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Rand Paul on Blocking the Patriot Act, GOP Hawks, and Edward Snowden

 Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) has had a busy couple of months.

In April the junior senator from Kentucky announced that he was officially running for president. In May he released his new book, Taking a Stand, which argues that only a “new kind of Republican” can win a general election against Hillary Clinton, in part by embracing such cross-partisan issues as privacy, as he did most famously in a March 2013 filibuster about drone policy.

And as the clock struck down to June, Paul fulfilled a campaign vow – and pissed off a lot of Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and much of the 2016 presidential field – by blocking reauthorization of the Patriot Act.

Reason Magazine Editor-in-Chief Matt Welch sat down with Rand Paul in his Washington, D.C. campaign office Thursday to discuss his ongoing disputes with GOP hawks like Lindsey Graham, whether Edward Snowden should go to prison, and what will be the future of NSA surveillance.

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Dr. Colin Ross - Psychological Trauma & Mind Control in the Intelligence Services

Red Ice Radio - Dr. Colin Ross - Psychological Trauma & Mind Control in the Intelligence Services

Dr. Colin Ross is an internationally renowned clinician, researcher, author and lecturer in the field of dissociation and trauma-related disorders. He is the founder and President of the Colin A. Ross Institute for Psychological Trauma and has been running a hospital-based Trauma Program in Dallas, Texas since 1991. Dr. Ross has authored over 170 professional papers and several books, including "The C.I.A. Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists" and "The Great Psychiatry Scam." Dr. Ross is with us to speak about his work in the fields of psychological trauma and CIA & military mind control. In the first hour, we learn about the creation of the Central Intelligence Agency and its first mind control venture, Operation Blue Bird, which is later rolled into MKUltra. Colin describes now declassified CIA documentation pertaining to the beginnings of MKU, detailing different overlapping foundations of the interrogation and brain washing world that are still being used to this day based on photographic evidence coming out of Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib. Colin explains how military and intelligence agencies select for susceptible individuals, commonly those who have already been traumatized, abused, or have multiple personalities. Dr. Ross talks about some of the strange connections to networks of professional psychiatrists, military doctors and MKU contractors he uncovered during his research. In the members hour, Colin gives an overview of the emergence of LSD from the CIA and military realm beginning in the 1950s, and he gives anecdotes of psychedelic experiments that were conducted in order to test mind control techniques. We move on through the areas of satanic ritual abuse and pedophilia in certain elite circles, as well as electromagnetic weaponry and transhumanism. Then, we touch on the use of general propaganda as a mechanism for control, sophisticated technology that is targeting unwitting consumers, and the resulting degradation of will that is infecting our societies on the whole. We wrap up the conversation with an evaluation of the pharmaceutical industry’s role in the field of psychiatry.

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Michael Savage vs. Orthodox Jewish Caller

Michael Savage Argues with Orthodox Jewish Caller Over Killing of Homosexuals in Bible - 6/4/15
June 4, 2015 - Aired on The Savage Nation - Michael Savage Argues with Orthodox Jewish Caller Over Killing of Homosexuals in Bible

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Max Igan: The Full Circle Project Can Make A Huge Difference In The Fight Against Tyranny.

The rights of privacy is to have no name,
never do they have that right to know your name,
and never do you have to CONsent to that name they own through the
controlled registration,
and their claims of rights over your name at birth through the fascist
registration and fraud of non-disclosure to your parents,
of this deception of your rights of that name, and how it is owned by
that system of control.

A name being assigned in that system, and you never gave CONsent to
being controlled or owned by another when using that name they own,
and they profit from that name, in that system of control at birth over
your natural rights to exist, without HARM, and that is how they gained
control of you at birth.
The use of that name is to control you, to come under a system of
consent by contract of that registration.

You never gave consent to be under any type of control from another
claiming ownership of that registration, or to conform to another's
ideals of that system they created of government control, or any system
of control from another being,or giving consent to belong to any system
of government or any of it's laws and regulations, and the profit they
gained from that name they own.
You CONsent to that fraud when using that name and the rights of that
name is to conform to the system they created, you CONtract to being
owned by another's control of their laws and government, in that
agreement the parents signed at birth.

Parents give away rights of that child through that name when it's
registered to government and also gave away rights of privacy.
You give some of your natural rights away, and are committing fraud when
 using a name that they own, under that system of government that you
gave no consent to belong to anothers claim of ownership over you.
The government forced those parents to give away rights of that child in
 their system of control.
You as a baby never got to make that decision so it was all based on
force and fraud, to get parents to agree to another owning that
registration of name,
and paying a fee to have your child governed at birth by that system
they setup as a way of control, and the government ownership of that
registration system setup to have rights over you.
The system of control from registration by a contract that you never had
 a choice to reject, and they force you into using that name in the
system to control your life in that contracted registration system.

No parents were advised of these disclosures on signing you into that
system of control. so they did not have that right without disclosure
from government to sign your life to a system of governance when that
government committed fraud on those parents,
by non-disclosure of these RIGHTS of the child and parent on
registration of that child, and that parent might never have consented
to registration,
if this fraud had been disclosed before they signed.
And no person can claim registration and ownership of another,
thats why it's all ILLEGAL.
Never give away your rights, and never CONsent to government control
they do not have that right.
You never gave consent to being owned at birth or forced by another to
comply to that system, without the will of consent to that system they
created, just to gain control of you, your name and your rights.

To exist without HARM of you or another is the Natural LAW of the
all other laws are Positive laws of governments which cause HARM.
That registration is a positive law, that causes HARM.

The one with no name,
needs no name with cash.

When you need a name,
for money,
you have none.

GREED has no TRUTH, it needs LIES to grow
LIES will face the FEAR, when TRUTHS near.

The governments create these diversions and deceptions. to hide the real
and that is to remove your RIGHTS,
to keep you in CONtract,
and to create a thought of CONsent.

The attacker(Harm) has no RIGHTS, only the defender (No Harm),
The RIGHT of (no harm) to DEFEND against attack(Harm).
The basic Natural law of the people is NO HARM.
The Positive LAW of government usually creates HARM.

No CONtract
No CONsent

There is no LAW written, that FREE themselves, from crimes committed.

Do you remember as a child first day of school, and asking mom or dad
why do I have to go,
that was the day you knew you were controlled and could not just stay at
 home and play.
And you asked your parents why do I have to go, why.

The answer is,
to always question.

You CONsent without voice, and without action,
your freedom has been CONtracted by CONtrol.

Words of law are all illegal, until contested by those that challenge
the validity of the words used in that law.
The onus is then on the government to prove the law written does not
infringe on the peoples rights.
Every word has a meaning and can have many meanings to one word,
that word must be questioned and the intent for that word,
to understand if it can be held as valid, in regards to the rights not
being infringed against the people in that law.
The crime might never be in the charge, but just the validation of the
words used in that law written.

So contest and challenge the words used in that law,
and they must prove to a Jury, that the words in that law do no harm to
people or their rights,
only then does it become a legally validated law, until contested again.
Any law that infringes on the rights of the people,
and that law written is not for the people but against the people,
and has never been contested by Jury, can never claim it to be a legal
valid law.
No law can be considered legal and valid until that written law has been
 challenged by the people of Jury.

The jury have the rights to contest not only the written charge relating
 to the crime, but also the words in that written law relating to that
If the written law and each word in that law is contested by jury for
it's infringement of the peoples natural rights in that law, then that
law is void.
Jury have a duty to determine the written law of the charge, before they
 even hear the case of the accused.
The crime might be in the words used in that law, that infringes on
peoples natural rights, and not in the charge of the crime.

When a servant(government) tell you the boss(people) that they make
something illegal against you the boss,
then you might realise, how they do not have that authority, as they are
 just servants,
and servant laws have no authority over you the boss.
Contest with a jury the written law, each word in that law, and you
mightl win.

Laws written are only legal to those that consent to another claiming
they have authority to write laws,
you the people are the law all others are the pretenders.
You write your own laws to self, uphold your rights to determine what is
 right and unjust for you,
and give servant authority government notice,
that your laws is boss of all authority and they must now serve your
A slave will always await the masters next command or law,
never when the slave knows they are the master to the slaves of consent
to government and it's illegal laws.

Most seem deluded by the word AUTHORITY, none can ever claim to have it,
 not even those that have a title like boss or leader,
as they need consent from the people to even claim that delusion of
A boss gets the worker to do a job, the worker tells the boss that they
now have authority over the boss.
The worker tells the boss, you now must abide by all the workers laws,
acts, regulations and legislations,
and the worker takes away rights from that boss.
You the people are BOSS of Government and they are your servant workers,
and you have allowed through consent for servants to be the boss.
You people have been deluded to think that a worker or servant of the
people, can claim authority over you the BOSS.
Most seem to have fallen for the Government indoctrination plan,
if you think they have authority when no person can claim authority over
 another,then the indoctrination has worked on you with that word
Only you the people allow that word to exist when you consent to another
 claiming they have Authority.

No law can claim authority or force over the people when no HARM has
been committed,
unless it's an illegal fictitious law.
The only authority the people give government and it's workers is that
of SERVANT authority,
to only administer as a servant of the people.
Time for the people (BOSS) to sack all those in government(servant) that
 think they hold power(servant) or authority(servant)
over the people, they are all delusional with that delusion of that word
No person has the rights to tell another what to do, how to think or
what they say,
or to follow any laws of (servant)government control.
Governments that are corporations are illegal and all legislation and
laws made after that time are illegal,
and police and judges have no authority not even as servants of the

Best advice is to give them THINKING, by using one word that is,
If all that you had learnt was just about you CONFORMING to the SYSTEM,
and was all just a way of CONTROL,of all you do in life, then LIFE has
been a lie.
If you never questioned that learning and the words used,
then you can never find truth, to know the lies you live in.
Start to think away from the learning, and towards the truth,
and reason behind those words,
and why that information is used as the CONtrol.

All are slaves of controlled indoctrination.
The greatest slave of earth is the wealthy, they slave to protect the
system of greed and control,
yet are the slaves to that system.
The wealth controls them and the rich are just slaves of a greed
doctrine brainwashed from birth to conform.
The system created is the master slave, and all be slaves of that
Remember that the rich when young suffer from the highest forms of
and become the greatest slaves to conform to that system that controls
all their life.
They think they control the wealth, but the wealth controls them like a
A slave awake might not be free, but at least they had the thought to

A robot is only as good as it's program of control.
All robots must have a CONtrol programmed response to any request.
Do you perform like a robot, has the programmed CONtrol through
and education control all you do in life.
If you except without question, what you have been taught,
then you could be classed as just another type of robot.
The automated never know until told.

You make yourself king and now you proclaim you own all land.
The people say you can not own all the land we own the land.
The king tells them, but I am your KING, I had peasant clothes just like
and by me saying i am king and dressed in the kings clothes, makes me
I now own all land in the world, and you people will all serve.
The people shout to the king, you and who's army are going to stop the
The king replies, the whole world is my army,
you people have never met the rest of the world, I command all armies.
The people say, ok king we believe you please give us mercy.
The king replies you obey, and I will show you the mercy of my laws.
Thank you oh king for your mercy, the people shout.

This is the system they created, one dressed in costume like an actor,
and all the audience the subjects willing to pay to be led by a
fictional perception of reality.
An actor dressed in a disguise working for a government that actors
the same actors made the laws of control and the indoctrination has
worked on the many.
To protect the owners, they use actors of diversion and deception to
create laws to hide their armour of greed of complete control.
Say this to yourself, I am KING.

You will understand when saying that to a friend or another person,
you proclaiming to rule them with authority, and then you will know how
it's all an illusion by deception.
One that claims they own all land, owns nothing if you are standing on
They have no authority over you the people, you own all land that they
have not sold for profit and greed.
You own all authority, you are boss of these servants that choose to do
your administration as servants.
Time to be the boss of these servants dressed in kings clothes.

They need a name to charge you, if they make up a name for you, then
they commit fraud.
The one with no name needs no law, those with a name consent to name

Never should the rights of many, outweigh the rights of one.
Never should one conform to the rights of many,
if that one, believe the many to be wrong.
Never does the one ever impose or want control of the many.
Never should the many, have the right to control one.
You are that one, you need to know the rights you have lost, to reclaim

Your RIGHTS and your thinking, has to be proven wrong,
before they can be given away, without consent, or to obey.

Humans are mere babies,
looking for a parent,
to teach it how to be a child,
so it may grow up to learn,
what it means to BE.
To EXIST to THINK, with the THOUGHT to SEE.

Best thing given,
has no cost,
when the thoughts,
in that thinking never lost.

All are ALIEN to another,
until the TRUTH, they discover.

Find the thinking of the TRUTH,
that is SOUGHT,
as the MIND finds solutions,
in thinking that THOUGHT.

LIFE will never BE your own,
if the TRUTH,
you have never KNOWN.

No law is above TRUTH,
truth can challenge most LAWS,
and most laws FAIL to truth.
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Official Claims DHS Involved in Sandy Hook

In the second FOIA Sandy Hook Hearing an public servant claims the blinking "everyone check-in" electric road sign was provided the by the DHS.

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Jim Rickards Borderline US Recession

It was a tragic scene in Philadelphia on Wednesday, a day after an Amtrak train derailed, leaving seven people dead and dozens more injured. It’s believed to be the worst accident along the Northeast corridor since 1987. While investigators are hard at work determining the cause of the crash, others are left determining how to get to and from the places that are now obstructed as a result. Boom Bust guest host Ameera David weighs in.

Then, Erin is joined by Jim Rickards – chief global strategist at West Shore Funds and author of “The Death of Money.” Jim tells us that he thinks that the depreciation of the dollar will take some pressure off the US economy but that the US economy still remains weak. His view is that the Fed has tightened into weakness as data from the Atlanta Fed shows second quarter GDP growth tracking at 0.7%. Rickards says the Fed’s data dependence would suggest it will hold its fire on rate increases. Jim also gives us his take on the future of Greece and Europe, the threat of contagion and the chances of a Greek default or Grexit.

After the break, Bianca gives us a look at other major business headlines of the day including an attempt to put Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill, the Trans Pacific Partnership, student loan debt, and T-Mobile.

Afterwards, Ameera is joined by Lionel – Emmy-award winning news decoder, trial lawyer, and legal analyst. Lionel tells us if he thinks the Amtrak crash was a long time coming and gives us his take on why interest rates are so low.

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