Mitch Feierstein: Total Economic Collapse Coming In 2016

 33% unemployment, these are the same people that tell us that there are only 11 million ILLEGALS in the US.. I been hearing this since 1985 its always 11 million on every media outlet on stupid vision !

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  1. Lately, I contemplate more and more all these economists who are fascinated by finance.
    Money it itself has NOTHING interesting about it.
    Money is only a necessity to bring other things in our life, but the money junkies lust after money for it´s own sake. It becomes an obsession with a symbol for something, but the something takes a back seat to the concept of money. And for some reason, it is a very jewish obsession. Something in the genes.
    The most absurd examles are the Rockefeller, and Rothschild, Slim, Gates, Zuckerberg,Madoff, Blankfein,Diamond, etc and the jews from the federal treasury.
    Money is their drug and the addiction feeds upon itself. Any person with only money on their mind is an empty boring tedious one track, brain stem of a shark person.
    They all like to buy modern abstract ugly art which always costs millions and millions, although it isn´t worth a dime. Go figure.
    And an oligarchy? check out what happened to Isreal as a jewish state.


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