BOXING DAY SALES MADNESS 2015 - Sheeple Are Out In Force

Millions of shoppers are expected to spend £3.74bn in the sales, experts have predicted.

Some stores opened at 06:00 GMT on Saturday as shoppers set out to get the best bargains.

Those offering discounts include Harrods, Selfridges, Liberty, House of Fraser, Next and Marks & Spencer.

Figures from and the Centre for Retail Research suggest 22 million shoppers will spend 6% more in the sales than last year.

Online shoppers are expected to spend £856m on Boxing Day - up 22% from last year's £699m - according to data firm Experian and online retailing trade association IMRG.
Experts expect around 22 million people to visit high streets and shopping centres today - with a predicted spend of more than £3.7 billion today "Judging from our research, it looks as though consumer appetite to snap up deals is here to stay, both on the high street and online."

Department stores Harrods, Selfridges, Liberty and House of Fraser are offering designer goods at a fraction of their usual price, while both Next and Marks & Spencer have launched discounts of up to 50 per cent on sale items.

Retailers across London's West End are preparing to take over £100 million in sales over the next three days.

A number of Bond Street stores will open on Boxing Day for the first time as a result of it falling this year on a Saturday rather than a public holiday. This is how busy # Selfridges has got in just over five minutes. Crazy. 3.5hrs after opening & people r still q'ing 4 @nextofficial @Bullring Can there be any stock left? #boxingdaysales

Watch black friday madness today vs. the civil people we were back in 1983. It is our sad state of reality. Prepare yourselves... Watch black friday madness today vs. the civil people we were back in 1983. It is our sad state of reality. Prepare yourselves…

While not hyperinflating, the slow and insidious diminishment of the fiat US Dollar’s purchasing power (and thus the living standards of lower- and middle-class Americans – who are not balls deep invested in the US stock ‘market’) is nowhere more evident than in the soaring costs of Thanksgiving Day dinner during the Fed’s 100 year reign…

In 1909… Thanksgiving Day Dinner cost $0.50… In 2014… Thanksgiving Day Dinner costs $30.00 Black Friday madness has once again descended, with video footage showing people viciously squabbling over TVs and other electronic goods, showcasing the very worst aspects of human nature. fight fighting police . very ebay amazon xbox one playstation 4 hawl haul unboxing

Another clip shows police tasering a man in Walmart .Another video currently going viral compares the relatively sanguine Black Friday of the 1980′s with today’s zombie-fest. Dawn of the Dead with images of Black Friday. Asda store in the UK, wouldn’t look out of place in any movie about the undead, just replace the flat screen TVs with brains. No this is not a scene from Dawn of the Dead but it could be. #BlackFriday Mark Dice annual trolling of Black Friday shoppers who shunned their families on Thanksgiving to line up Ron Paul Thankful for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights From Cabela’s to Wal-Mart guns will be on sale a everywhere on Black Friday, and what better time is there to load up on a ? The manic shopping frenzy lands right before Christmas and right in the midst of deer hunting season. london selfridges birmingham bulring next bond street walmart
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Tiffany & Co., Dollar Tree Inc. and T.J. Maxx are among the chains that aren’t promoting Black Friday on their websites. That’s a sharp contrast with the supersized fonts advertising sales at Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Macy’s Inc. and Best Buy Co. brand

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