BEWARE!!! 10 Monsanto Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy

BEWARE!!! Monsanto Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy MONSANTO CORPORATIONS BOYCOTT ALL! This is a list of the VILE and EVIL corporations that use Monsanto products. BOYCOTT all of them forever and tell EVERYONE you know to stop buying their products! Let's wipe these hideous monsters off the face of the earth! Comprehensive List Of GMO Product:
Or, you can just eat toxic free wholefoods. Buy your produce from local suppliers and farmers markets. Get to know what exactly you are putting into your body. It's much healthier and saves money!

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  1. These products are in the front of every shelf in every supermarket. We've been so effectively "branded" that we reach for the automatically and where brands not on this list are on the shelf, we're not sure if we should trust them, even though any brand not on this list IS the better brand. We need to shop a lot more carefully and retweak our minds to avoid what we usually reach for and try something else. Unfortunately, almost ALL supermarkets are monsanto-infected.


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