Catherine Austin Fitts-Mother Lode of Trouble Coming with Federal Budget

 What we have now is an entire global economy 100% dependent on the acquisition of debt in perpetuity, it cannot stop. An economic model which functions only by creating/inventing more and more reasons to borrow debt into existence, and this is why WAR is going to continue to escalate around the world. Moreover, we have central banks who will not allow the free market to determine the real value of this debt, (which can never be paid back so the debt is worthless). To push off a FULL ON COLLAPSE the central banks will continue to inflate, and inflate and inflate even more. There will be a breaking point, and all this, including the real value of debt will be realized. The death of the debt based economic model is the single greatest threat to human kind as it is a resource issue-there will be total pandemonium in the streets of every nation on Earth.

What is the biggest financial problem the world faces? Investment manager Catherine Austin Fitts, who is an expert in the federal budget and a former Assistant Housing Secretary, says, “The reality is the big mother lode on the whole planet, whether you are talking about derivatives, the bond market or the stock market, is the U.S. federal budget. What is slowly begging to happen is the dawning realization that we are not only going to have to reengineer and cut the federal budget, but we are talking about reinventing the U.S. economy. There are going to be extraordinary choices, and this is why nobody wanted to be the Speaker of the House. Paul Ryan did not want to be the Speaker because Paul Ryan knows this is coming. They will probably be able to delay it until after the election (2016), but then after the election, we’re going to have to sit down and say we can’t keep doing this. Why is this relevant? All the markets globally work off the federal budget. It is extraordinary the amount of cash flows and credit that work off the federal budget. The credit and cash flows coming out of that budget are enormous. The reality is it is going to have to be reengineered. That’s going to be a very shocking experience for many people.”

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