Are We Experiencing The End Game?

Even the most casual observer of global events must recognize the upheaval taking place across the planet: endless, barbaric, and futuristic wars, massive non-white immigration invading formerly majority white countries, spectacular terrorism attacks, either actual or false-flag, and sex-change operations now commonplace and encouraged. A more astute observer, however, might not be content to simply acknowledge the violence and change shaking the world, but would also wish to identify who or what might be instigating these events. AMERICAN FREE PRESS has met one such individual, and what he has to say may be shocking to some, but he feels he has no choice, as the world appears to be spiraling out of control with no one at the switch. Dave Gahary caught up with Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, the author of The Synagogue of Satan—Updated, Expanded, And Uncensored, who discusses his book, in this engaging interview (37:49). Buy The Synagogue of Satan HERE:

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