Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Flood of Migrants could be The End of Europe

The flood of migrants from the Middle East threatens to break the ties that bind the European Union. Also: College students want to regulate free speech, Glamour mag's woman of the year is a man, and a look at vampires as we approach Halloween.

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  1. Cyber war is info wars: well is it a new front for Russia North Korea and china. Will Japanese take revenge? What would they do? Syria, Israel, Europe now looks as the tiny Israel surrounded by existential conundrums short sighted and inadequate leaders. Or shall we say the End of the current Roman version 19 & 20 century empire». America AIPAC now faces two superpowers, and internal problems, they know the Washington AIPAC regime lies. Since we enter the global regime change phase. 1967 Vietnam & china, 1967 Israeli war. The time is running fast and goes backwards as fast. How far back will it go as it goes forward? Moreover, will it wobble?


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