Thursday, October 29, 2015

Syria's War Battlefield Update for October 28, 2015

If Iraq actually starts siding with Russia its game over USA.Final nail in the coffin.Must hurt like fuck for Obama, having spend 6 Trillion Dollar on Iraq just to get stabbed in the back. Lmao.Sorry US but in the end everyone faces judgement. And your time has come, sadly for you.Invest in Russian and Chinese economy people. Big profits ahead.The US empire has fallen.

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  1. is the Assad has to go CHORUS emotional, sentimental, even desire ? perhaps Plato's retreat will fix the desolation of leaders they love Assad but claim that they hate him ???? could it be just an LGBT affair.

  2. keep him a while longer until the destruction of europe, Is Accomplished :: for the sake of Grand israel, that is the aim . the collapse of europe could be the exit of washington AIPAC from the european civilization at last, and Fabius will indeed destroy europe which as it evolves shall be free from washington AIPAC. reality has one friend proper perception and timing. reason why the aim of AIPAC shall be the inverse of the desired aim.

  3. All good news. Time to send the insufferably arrogant Yankee bastards home. Remove them from Europe, Africa, Asia and South America.


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