Will the Fed Bring Negative Interest Rates ?

Will the Fed Bring Interest Rates Below 0% to Save the Economy?

One need to know a bit of European history to know what and how they will fix it.
The gold and silver indicators which where money back then are the proof.
1900's to 1930"s: money devaluations of 1000% in a decade.
1940's to 1950's: another money devaluation of 1000% and more in the next decade.
It didn't take a decade to jump, it happened in 1 week. But after that it remained stable for a decade.
I'm to tired to show all the details but that is how it will work out.
The first time caused a hughe crisis, the second one was masked by WOII aftershocks.

The proof is in the numismatic silver coins. The weigt was cut dramaticly, and a 5 became a 50. And then they cut the weigt again and 50 became 100 and 500. And it is also visible on the bills.
And for the silver bulls and the gold bulls, there's a very interesting fact to think about.
The money was devalued because all the gold and silver flowed out. The question is where it all went to and where it is now. Believe me, that silver isn't gone into electronics, it still exists somewhere in dark hidden warehouses.

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