Coast To Coast AM - September 27, 2015 UFOs as Psi Phenomena & UFO Files

In the first half of the program, George Knapp was joined by Dr. Eric Ouellet, professor of Defense Studies at the Royal Military College of Canada and at the Canadian Forces College, who presented his hypothesis that UFO experiences are the result of large-scale, unconscious, psychic forces. In light of this theory, Ouellet will share his reassessment of several well-known UFO cases, including the Washington, DC, UFO wave of 1952 and the Betty and Barney Hill abduction of 1961.

In the latter half of the program, retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel,and UFO expert, Kevin Randle, provided an objective look at evidence for alien life and UFOs through the documents, government databases, and eye-witness accounts, unearthing new details on UFOs, mysterious crashes, sightings, encounters, and related phenomena. 

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