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Paranormal Conspiracy, ETs & Space Exploration -- Coast To Coast AM - August 9, 2015

Coast To Coast AM - August 9, 2015 Paranormal Conspiracy, ETs & Space Exploration

Author Timothy Dailey, whose research shows how Western culture is experiencing an unprecedented explosion of fascination with all things paranormal joined Richard Syrett. Dailey argued that a "paranormal conspiracy" including such phenomena as UFOs, Bigfoot, spirit contact, ghosts, and alien abduction is part of a demonic deception. Stemming from a metaphysical origin, "beings and forces from other dimensions are temporarily intersecting our universe" and have the ability to fleetingly manifest or project into our realm in a variety of advanced ways, he suggested, adding that they thrive on human fear.

UFO phenomena is largely a confusing and destabilizing experience that turns to terror when it comes to alien abductions, he remarked. He cited abduction experiences (such as what Whitley Strieber described in Communion) as being dark, sinister, and demonic, and not in sync with notions of the lofty goals of an advanced civilization.

Dailey also pointed to the case of Canadian journalist Joe Fisher, who as part of his investigations into spirits, mediums, and channeling became obsessed with his own spirit guide. He traveled to Greece to investigate claims of the spirit guide and found it was all deception. Around the time his book on these events was published, he went into a paranoid downward spiral about the spirits, which led to his eventual suicide, Dailey recounted.
ETs & Space Exploration

First hour guest, technology expert and novelist S.H. Jucha addressed what humankind might face when we are finally able to send a ship to a distant planet in the "goldilocks" zone. There are enormous possibilities for how alien life may have developed, he posited, such as machine-like entities that have outlived their organic creators, beings based on silicon or crystalline structures instead of carbon, or post-biological lifeforms that are more of an energy nature. Jucha advocated developing long term habitats on the moon, using experimental approaches like self-assembling nanotechnology, as a way to initiate manned space exploration.

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