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 Yesterday, on ABC’s “This Week”, former Speaker of the House, Republican Newt Gingrich said – to the complete shock and horror of his Democrat panelist colleagues -- that Donald Trump would not hurt the Republican party, and not only could win the Republican nomination, but could become the next president of the United States.
When Gingrich was asked if Trump would hurt the Republican party, he said:
“I doubt it.”
Then Gingrich was asked if Trump could be the nominee. He said flatly:
Gingrich speaks the truth.
The Democrat so-called “journalists” on the ABC panel were horrified by Gingrich’s assessment.
Why do Democrats hate Trump even more than the Republican establishment?
Because Trump is the only candidate who really can threaten the system – not the Republican or Democrat system – but the vote buying system that has become rampant in the last few years.
It has not escaped the attention of we, the American people, that on important legislation now, there is a literal silent auction underway on every key vote.
Last week it was uncovered that the Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner was paid by lobbyists $5.2 million to vote to give Obama Fast-Track authority. He was given over a million to vote NO, but 5.3 million to vote YES.
It’s now the same for all the key legislators in Congress facing key votes. It’s nothing but an auction.
The uber-rich are now hell-bent on ramming thru some of THE most dangerous legislation ever put before Congress – legislation which strikes at the heart of the sovereignty of the United States and thereby strikes at the heart of human kind’s 2500 year march towards freedom.
Trump – at this juncture – seems like the only possible shot the average American have at breaking this strangle-hold that the money monopoly has over both parties.
I’m still reporting from Washington. Good day.

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  1. Dont KIDD yourself sonny boy. Trump doesn´t release anyone from strangleholds anywhere.
    Do you think that solutions for other people come from a complete ego maniac like Trump?
    I can´t believe the stupidity of the collective American
    idiocy. You are doing it to yourselves, folks.

    1. Anon, other than your acute political savy and crystal ball that let's you call American people idiots, would you have a fact or two to back that up?


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