BIG ONE EARTHQUAKE TO HIT ANY DAY NOW - Get Ready Now, Quake Experts Advise

This week’s New Yorker magazine article, “The Really Big One”, didn’t sugarcoat it: Seattle and several other Northwest cities are destined to be pummeled by a massive earthquake, on a date to be determined. (If you’re a loyal Seattle Times reader, you probably knew that already, based on our previous coverage.)

The destruction is inevitable — though maybe not as bad as the article’s prediction that everything west of Interstate 5 will be “toast.” And adequate preparation is required.

That was the message from a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” forum hosted by The Times Tuesday. Fielding questions were John Vidale of the Pacific Northwest Seismic Center, Debbie Goetz of Seattle’s Office of Emergency Management and The Times’ science reporter Sandi Doughton, who’s also authored a book, “Full Rip 9.0: The Next Big Earthquake in the Pacific Northwest.” More than 600 people chimed in with questions and comments. earthquake "big one" fault science scientist prediction warning future 2015 2016 "
The abridged version: Make sure homes are stocked with supplies for seven to 10 days. After a quake, it’s safer to stay where you are — hitting the streets will only lead to more congestion on the roads, which may be impassable anyway. Create a communications plan with loved ones, just in case. Get under a table or desk if you feel the earth move. If you believe what you see in the movies, you probably think that "the big one" — a mega-earthquake in a major North American city — will inevitably hit Los Angeles or San Francisco along the San Andreas Fault. But while these cities are certainly prone to devastating earthquakes, many experts now suspect that the site of the next really, really big one will be somewhere else entirely.

When a quake in excess of 9.0 in magnitude does occur along the entire length of the Cascadia zone, the resultant tremor will likely level much of the architecture in cities like Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Salem and Eugene, which is by-and-large not designed to withstand such a violent shake. Structures that do survive the trembling could be inundated by a 20- to 100-foot tsunami wave that could be triggered up and down the coast. The entire map of the Pacific Northwest west of the I-5 corridor may need to be redrawn by the end of the disaster. The "mother of all earthquake faults" is overdue for a megaquake.

A 4.2-magnitude earthquake struck the Fontana area in San Bernardino County Saturday morning, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. USGS What everyone can agree on is that there is an area of significant geological weakness under the New Madrid fault zone. This area of weakness formed when the continents were breaking up. The rift that formed did not end up splitting the North American continent at that time, but the area of weakness remains A huge fault in the Earth’s crust near Los Angeles is leaking helium, researchers have found. yellowstone park eruption He claims the results show that the Newport-Inglewood fault is deeper than scientists previously thought. FEMA ’s Region X jade helm 15 truth exposed fema camp end times collapse

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