Thursday, June 25, 2015


MASSIVE ALASKA MILITARY EXERCISE - U.S. Conduct Huge Northern Edge Exercise Close to Russia Border

JOINT BASE ELMENDORF-RICHARDSON, Alaska — The sparse expanses above Alaska are a little more crowded this month as nearly 200 military aircraft are taking part in an annual training exercise.

The U.S. Pacific Command exercise, coordinated by command leaders in Alaska, tests the readiness of the nation's troops and isn't in response to any increased tensions with any other nation

Alaska also offers land and sea to accommodate maritime and ground forces exercises. Three U.S. Navy destroyers and a submarine are taking part in simultaneous exercises in the Gulf of Alaska, but not without controversy. Some people in gulf towns such as Cordova and Kodiak have protested the exercises, worried about what the Navy's presence might do to salmon and other marine life. One of those ships, the guided-missile destroyer USS Shoup, is expected to sail up Cook Inlet and dock at the Port of Anchorage on Wednesday.
Aboard an Alaska National Guard UH-60 Black Hawk, the team breaks through the clouds and acquires the first glimpse of the beauty Alaskan glaciers offer. For many miles, all that is seen is ice 50 to 100 feet high with crevasses highlighted in a light bluish color. Upon landing on the glacier and exiting the helicopter, it doesn't take long to realize a tragedy occurred in this beautiful place -- mangled aircraft debris spread for hundreds of yards.

200 military aircraft are taking part in an annual training exercise at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, around 3,000 miles from the border of Russia. Nearly 6,000 military members from all four branches of the military, including airmen, soldiers, sailors, marines and coast guardsmen from active duty, reserve and national guard units are taking part in Northern Edge 2015, which includes naval exercises in the Gulf of Alaska and troops on the ground.

The training session is one in a series of U.S. Pacific Command exercises that prepares joint forces to respond to crises in the Asia Pacific region alaska

It couldn't come at a better time, as tensions with Russia mount over the Ukraine crisis and the U.S. is set to deploy heavy weapons in central and eastern Europe for the first time Flying high: A U.S. Air Force F-16 Fighting Falcon conducts a training mission over the stunning vista of the Joint Pacific Alaska Range Complex on June 16 Proud servicemen and women: Soldiers assigned to 6th Brigade Engineer Battalion line up to get ready to parachute jump out of an C-17 Globemaster III into Allen Army Airfield, Fort Greely, Alaska. Skies have been perfectly clear for the exercises Readiness: U.S. Marines with Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron (VMAQ) 2, conduct maintenance on the wing of a U.S. Marine Corps EA-6B Prowler at Eielson Air Force Base. Warmer weather than expected didn't deter the Marines The United States and its NATO allies are edging toward a high-risk military standoff with Russia over the crisis in Ukraine, a situation that may lead to the worst catastrophe in history, an anti-war activist in Chicago says.

Europe has moved to extend economic sanctions on Russia for another six months in response to Moscow’s alleged role in fueling the violence that now plagues Eastern Ukraine. This marks the latest escalation in the ongoing standoff between the Kremlin and the West and underscores the pace at which the situation is deteriorating. Here’s a recap of recent events: Now, just a few days after NATO’s latest proxy war dress rehearsal, and just 24 hours after Ash Carter accused Russia of “nuclear saber rattling”, we have more details on the Pentagon’s plan to deploy heavy weapons in Eastern Europe. Speaking at a joint press conference, the Defense Secretary outlined the scope of US weapons deployment

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