Webster Tarpley interviews author of Neonazis and Euromaidan: From Democracy to Dictatorship

Webster Tarpley talks to Stanislav Byshok, author of Neo-Nazis & Euromaidan about the rebirth of fascism in Ukraine Stanislav Byshok of Moscow is one of the leading authorities on the rebirth of fascism in Ukraine in recent years. His background includes studies in psychology at Moscow State University, and attempting to monitor elections in Ukraine as an envoy of the Election Monitoring Organization of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS-EMO). (The CIS is a regional organization which includes many successor states of the USSR.) Together with his co-author Alexey Kochetkov, Byshok has produced Neonazis and Euromaidan: From Democracy to Dictatorship, the most comprehensive profile of how Ukrainian fascists, often backed by the US State Department and the National Endowment for Democracy, used the recent disturbances in Kiev to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine and then created the illegal government backed up by modern storm troopers which is at the root of the present crisis there.

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