Memorial Day 2015 -- The Alex Jones Show

The Alex Jones Show (VIDEO Commercial Free) Monday May 25 2015: Memorial Day Rebroadcast  

Date: 05/25/2015 --
-Today -
On the special Monday, May 25, Memorial Day edition of the Alex Jones Show, we feature our interviews with filmmaker Mike Norris and writer and business entrepreneur Gary Heavin, founder of fitness chain Curves International, who discuss their upcoming film AmeriGeddon, in which a group of Americans fight back against hidden powers who threaten to turn America into a police state in response to a terrorist attack. Norris and Heavin also give their take on the Jade Helm military exercises. We also feature our interview with urban horticulturist Ron Finley, who shares his vision for community gardening and rejuvenation. Finley is a co-founder of L.A. Green Grounds, a company which plants gardens in low-income neighborhoods throughout Los Angeles, California. You don't want to miss these bombshell interviews!

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