Monday, April 27, 2015


Everything is the doing of mankind! Man has decided to judge, play God and possess greed before thy neighbor, moreover their own families these days. Children are hungry, the poor are only stating poor, the rich getting richer and the sad part of it all? The gains of one's wealth isn't based on success anymore these days, it is stemmed from theft, deception, lies and at the cost of innocent human lives as a result! The conspiracies, and secrets are no longer a hidden scheme when it has only become so abusive and habitual in our everyday current events! Extortion, exploits, murder, corruption has been overly exacerbated and only for the benefit of corporate greed and an outlandish debt deficit that was never the cause of those who pay a great deal of it back through taxes and we need who pays the most in taxes! The poor! Yet, the poors vote doesn't count, their choice in choosing doesn't stand in a country that doesn't even uphold a federal constitution and yet the blame continues to be directed at the ones who should only be pointing their fingers at themselves!

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