Tuesday, April 28, 2015


 MSM is never going to say this is asymmetrical warfare by Soros & the NWO Corporate Elite Criminal cabal using a civil incident & thugs, trouble makers & arsonists to QUICKLY create chaos & destroy the infrastructure & businesses of American cities. Their goal is to destroy America & enslave the population (including blacks). That is what it is really happening under the guise of this NEW civil rights movement.

The riots in Balmer are being caused by “OUTSIDERS” from Ferguson & ST Louis, under the direction of Black race baiters & agitators within MSM & the Government,  (i.e Sharpton, Jackson, Holder, Muslim Brotherhood, Obama) under the "Black lives matter" NEW Civil Rights movement. These Leftist Socialist Libtard Commies want to destroy America & enslave the population (including the blacks) & are using race hatred & disgruntled blacks as PUPPETS to do their dirty work…. Which is NOT about equality & fairness…..How do we even know that police were the ones who broke Freddie Grays back?

Baltimore has been done with a “false flag” plan & execution by a treasonous Muslim puppet dictator of the NOW Corp Elite Criminal Cabal in the WH & his cronnies…. So why don’t these disgruntled blacks  take their RIOT down to DC & shove it down the throats of the NWO Corporate Elite Criminal cabal, their oppressors?

There was a big delay on getting the National Guard there & the police were restrained from doing anything to defend & protect the business community.  Obama & the Mayor of Baltimore (Dumb & dumber) took credit for: 1. Ignoring earlier incidents of trouble & the building up of tensions 2. When a funeral turns into a fire & the  riot explodes then 3. Obama giving the “STAND DOWN” order,  to protect RIOTERS, leaving citizens unprotected & letting businesses in the city be destroyed …. Sounds like Benghazi, doesn’t it?  (Same Pattern: Obama’s Criminal signature)

That is the deception & Leftist Democrat liberal SOCIALISM for you. It is a failure of leadership that doesn’t work or make any common sense to the public but furthers someone else’s agenda….sounds like Obama, doesn’t it?

Today is another day of tension & destruction but now the National Guard is there. Sharpton & the race baiters have vowed to continue the rampage & the gangs are all hyped up to target “white” policemen. Since Sharpton & the race baiters profit by race hatred & misfortune …. Is that RACIST Opportunist or what? (& Sharpton is a tax dodger & pays NO taxes) without any penalties (bigoted favoritism).

Its time for the State of Maryland & communities to push the race baiters & agitators of MSM & the corrupt puppet federal government of the NWO Corporate Elite Criminal cabal out of Baltimore, invoking the National Security mandate & do some calming down of the crowds with NO NEWS, NO PRESS & NO PUBLICITY ALLOWED by MSM & a strict curfew. More publicity will bring more trouble…. Sounds like Ferguson, doesn’t it?

I would like to continue to remind those with a long range & quiet weapons with a good aim that the police have been threatened by Muslims (Radical Islamic Extremists) & if they are dressed like ISIS or you can identify them as ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Queda or Muslim Brotherhood, “what difference does it make”, you are allowed to shoot them ALL under the OPEN SEASON ON ISLAMIC EXTREMIST & TERRORIST, issued on 911 when Al Queda raised their ugly heads in the US.

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