Net Neutrality: Fact & Fiction -- Stuff They Don't Want You to Know

Name one thing that the government has NOT mismanaged in history??? Social Security? National Debt? Post Office? Department of Education? Department of Defense? Yea, this is going to work out well ...
 Join Ben and special guest Jonathan Strickland as they explore the rumors and facts surrounding the FCC's Open Internet ruling.

Amazing how 5 people can someone be allowed to decide for 300 plus million what maybe valid internet would think with a house and senate it would have to roll through many more eyes first before doing something like this, this maybe becoming all too common where they simply can't pass it in the Legislative so they create orders in various agencies just whenever they feel like it, kind of makes having a congress unnecessary.
 This bypasses elections and just rams through stuff that was already voted down, how much does anyone bet what couldn't happen through legislation was buried in this book of guidelines?

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