Friday, March 27, 2015


GERMANWINGS PLANE CRASH - Co-Pilot Wanted to Destroy Plane. Elite To Take Advantage of Crash?

Was the Germanwings plane crash an act of terror? Some are accusing the media of “racism” for not making that assumption because the man who deliberately crashed the aircraft, Andreas Lubitz, was not a Muslim. Lufthansa has said it relies on in-depth interviews and extensive aptitude and psychological testing to clear candidates before they can even begin the carrier’s two-year training program. Multiple screening steps, company officials have said, were a major reason for low attrition rates during training and relatively few resignations.

Desperate plane captain tried to break down cockpit door with an AXE - but passengers were oblivious to what was happening until 'screams' at last moment

Black box voice recorder reveals chilling final moments of Airbus A320 Passengers are heard screaming just moments before the plane crashes Black box recorded co-pilot breathing calmly as he smashed jet into Alps Prosecutor: 'The intention was to destroy the plane. Death was instant' Co-pilot was named today as 28-year-old German Andreas Günter Lubitiz International airlines scrambled to introduce rules insisting two crew members are always in a plane cockpit after investigators said a German pilot deliberately plunged an Airbus A320 into a mountain, killing all 150 people on board.

The Airbus A320 making the flight for Lufthansa’s lowcost arm, Germanwings, crashed near the small mountain village of Barcelonette in the southern Alps with at least 144 passengers and six crew members on board.

Spain’s deputy prime minister said 45 passengers were believed to be Spanish nationals. A spokesman for France’s interior ministry said the passenger manifest was being verified.

Flight 4U9525 disappeared off the radar at around 11.20am, Le Figaro reported. The plane dropped from 11,500 metres to 2,100 metres (38,000ft to 7,000ft) in nine minutes between 10.31am and 10.40am, air radar services said. Initial reports said a distress call was made by the pilots at 10.47am but French authorities later said this was not the case.

Sebastien Giroux, one of the first eyewitnesses, said he saw the aircraft flying very low. “There was no smoke or particular sound or sign of anything wrong, but at the altitude it was flying it was clearly not going to make it over the mountains,” he told BFM-TV. “I didn’t see anthing wrong with the plane, but it was too low.”

The plane crashed at 2,700 metres altitude in the Alps, in the commune of Méolans-Revel, an isolated area of small villages and hamlets that are difficult to reach. Debris is scattered over an area of 2 sq km, according to French search and rescue.

Flight 4U 9525 vanished from radar screens at about 10.47 am local time, 46 minutes after take-off from Barcelona. French officials said that debris had been found on the 2,961 metre-high Estrop massif near the small town of Barcelonette in the Alpes-de-Hautes-Provence. French aviation officials denied earlier reports that the stricken aircraft had sent out a “mayday” signal. They said that it was French air traffic control which issued the distress signal when the plane disappeared from radar screens.

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