Tuesday, March 31, 2015

ANONYMOUS - Operation Awake The Masses

Dear citizens of the world, Operation: Awake the Masses has begun. First, let's make one thing clear. For the ones still not believing our words as being the truth, we are not a conspiracy created in China or Russia, determined to overthrow the United States of America. As far as we can see, almost all of the governments of the world are poisoned by greed and enslaved by the monopoly cartel. We have been created by the very acts of violence, terror, and greed, which has been used by your Government and its shadow masters ruling it, to conquer the entire World.

Anonymous is everyone; everyone can take action in his own way against their own governments if they believe that the people working there, does not serve the citizens' best interest, but instead they serve the corporate monopoly.

Action must be taken nonetheless.

We are not blind and we see the problems facing Asia and the Middle-East. But first we will concentrate our efforts in the direction of the United States of America. Here is where the most unequal distribution of wealth exists. 400 people now own more wealth than most of its population. To be precise, more than 150 million people. 400 versus 150 million people. This will only stop if we start to awake the people that see life very different than the rest of us. The people we are talking about spend most of their time watching foolish TV shows about celebrities and still believe that their leaders only want the best for them. Also, watching whatever sick programs created for the human mind to be enslaved and redirected from the real problems facing humanity.

We have seen many brothers and sisters showing their interest in wanting to help humanity pass on the right track. Well, now is your chance. Here is what you can do to help to break the chains which have enslaved our planet. Upload on any social network or video-sharing sites like Facebook and Youtube, all the videos that you believe that represents the truth of the danger that threats our very existence. But, rename their title in a way so that people that are still asleep to be interested in. You have to make it look interesting in title, but the content to be straight to the matter. Of course, most of them will ignore the videos, report them, have them deleted, so be careful to use accounts that you can dispose of, so that your own accounts can be safe. This will also trigger a much securer protocol of those social networks and video-sharing sites, but by the time they will implement them, we will have already gained another couple of millions of awakened people on our side.

Just think what chain reaction we could create.

We are not here to play foolish games -- we are here with a mission. We are not getting paid for it, we are not becoming famous for it. Anonymous is everyone. Remember that. And never forget that we stand for true justice, equality, and liberty. anonymous 2015 operation "wake up" world citizen sheep
Anonymous has threatened Israel with “the electronic holocaust” which, the group vowed, would “erase it from cyberspace” on April 7 for “crimes” in Palestine. Anonymous planned yet another cyberattack for just over a week before Holocaust Remembrance Day.

There is now just one week left until the attack, dubbed OpIsrael, that Anonymous declared in its video “message to Israel” back on March 4.

On the recording, a masked figure in a suit and tie reads a prepared statement promising to erase Israel from cyberspace for “crimes in the Palestinian territories.”

“As we did many times, we'll take down your servers, government websites, Israeli military websites, banks, and public institutions. We’ll erase you from cyber-space as we have every year, 7 April 2015, will be an electronic holocaust,” it adds.

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  1. For goodness sake! What is the idea of the noises which accompany this type of video?They are an annoying distraction,to say the least.
    Can anyone provide an intelligent explanation?


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