The Robot War Is Coming -- Dr. Hugo De Garris

 David Knight takes the studio for Alex Jones and interviews leading futurist Dr. Hugo De Garris about what he sees for the future of humanity.

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  1. to understand intelligence a look at the solar system is a clue. saturn is just another planet earth with the same configuration at a different time, water exist all over the universe however rearranged differently; in humans as in matter, molecules atoms are itself an entity, it is consciousness that remains a mystery. technology and AI is not intelligence, technology are just tools, IBM, APPLE Facebook, google are just tools not intelligence. humans so far do not use much intelligence, what they use is a rational logic for creating tools, a plane a spacecraft is a tool, as is a robot. or an artificial brain. intelligence is connectivity. for instance the 1 billion minds connected to the internet is a network however not intelligent itself but primitive, there is no nucleus center neither evolution on the network just simple cause and effect. action reaction. once that network begins to function as a unite them it can be name as intelligent. the tool use by a chimpanzee to crack a nut is the same as a can opener. or an I-PHONE. on planet earth only a few minds can be call on the path of intelligence. most minds operate on a network of stimulus and programed network including research and science. art and religion and other non material venues are elements that can open doors to the intelligent process of the human mind "brain" 


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