BUSTED -- "HAARP rings" created by US Navy

 What more can I say, vindication is sweet.

As it turns out, pretty much everything I every covered was denied by huge groups of people! Now each topic has been proved beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Now that the science is in... where are the deniers now? They aren't going to come back to admit they were 100% wrong, and totally full of crap? They said it was "impossible", now its proved possible indeed.

Weather modification in the ATMOSPHERE using HAARP, and using microwaves to CONTROL the plasma once it is formed. Now has been done in the laboratory, and in the real world.

Using 2.45GHz pulses to pump up a bubble of plasma created by pulses in the low MHz range! Laboratory experiments prove it can be done.

They called me a "conspiracy theorist" for noticing this was happening on RADAR. Now they confirm RADAR frequency induces REFLECTIVE plasma in the laboratory. HAARP rings are reflected plasma in the atmosphere produced by excess stripped electrons from the targeted RADAR.

In real world operations, RADAR pulses (aka "HAARP rings") are pulses that comes from NEXRAD weather RADAR at 2.4GHz. It is now proved 2.4GHz strips electrons and produces plasma.. proved by the US Naval Laboratories.

It is also proved that not only does 2.4GHz induce plasma , but also induces ROTATION in the atmospheric winds.

Rotation, and energy.. both created by RADAR at 2.4GHz... this is the definition of a "HAARP ring" . A rotating pulse that induces rotating winds, and plasma reflection around the perimeter of the ring.

It is now proved that stripped electrons also from into WATER droplets / clouds / and rain.


Therefore RADAR pulses, produce electrical energy in the air, produce rotation via winds, and produce CCN (cloud condensation nuclei droplets). All three together will form severe weather like tornadoes and damaging winds.

Watch the MIT doctors experiments here, proving microwaves induce rotation in the atmosphere:


Read about the US Navy experiments here, using HAARP and microwaves to induce plasma in the atmosphere:

"Artificial Ionospheric Plasma Clouds Using HAARP"


" Artificial balls of plasma have been produced in the upper atmosphere (160 to 200 km altitude) using the 3.6 MW high frequency (HF) transmitter facility known as HAARP (High frequency Active Auroral Research Program).

Laboratory Experiments:
The HAARP experiments are being complemented with a series of laboratory studies using high-power electromagnetic waves to
produce glow plasma discharges (Fig. 5). A microwave signal at 2.45 GHz is amplified using a porous spherical cavity resonator developed in the Plasma Physics Division to break down the neutral gas inside the resonator.

A low-pressure chamber developed for microwave processing has been modified for these demonstrations of plasma ball creation. The microwave-driven plasma laboratory is being used as a surrogate for HAARP to study the role of initial plasma seeds for creation and maintenance of artificial plasma clouds.

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