Thursday, February 26, 2015

Benjamin Fulford on Strange Universe with Sean David Morton

I think it's strange how Democracy and Illuminati all came about around the same time, Fashioned in the same ideology as the Ancient Greece, King Antiochus who accomplished all Hitler tried to accomplish, the King who actually did over throw the whole world , lived eviler than Hitler , who's General's established their bloodlines all over the civilized world. Made a one world religion, and a one world Government, already been done, yet here is Illuminati with the same agenda this King had, around the same time Democracy was putting the mason lodge with all the architecture secrets of the ancient societies Greece ruled over, all the religions, and ideologies of the ancient democracy, not really knowing what it was going to do, yet what happens is they bring back the olympic games in a few years following Hitler mysteriously comes out of the darkness with a plan to conquer the world like King Antiochus of the olympic games , kills all the weak people and jews the same way King Antiochus did, only King Antiochus actually didn't lose, Then the television and hollywood puts the ancient Greek theater into the visual ideology and political works, like they are trying to relive history, either the world is that stupid and immature or the world is that stupid or immature, my solution , I hate it has to come to this but it was a Roman emperor who stopped the Greek King and his General's or the banned the Greek games and made a christian established authority, the black pope things not something I want to put into the theater but something Roman Emperor like needs to be done to stop it if you read history. 

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  1. What about all the people that got screwed over via the realty market and had their homes foreclosed and similar other games ???? Banks currently just get sued and give various branches of government money which just goes back to their cronies anyway....nothing for the homeowners


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