Friday, January 30, 2015

Western Media is run by NAZIS ! Neo-Goebbelism says Al-Jazeera TV host

Al-Jazeera TV Host Faysal Al-Qassem: Western Media Is Neo-Goebbelism

 During a show that aired on Syrian TV in February 2007, Al-Jazeera TV host Faysal Al-Qassem aired his views on the Western media, calling it "Neo-Goebbelism." Al-Qassem said that there is no free media in the West, and claimed that "the code of the Internet web is located, at this very moment, on board one of the American aircraft carriers, which sails the oceans. With a single push of a button," he said, "they can disconnect any country from the Internet."

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  1. the code of the internet is electrical power, it goes off, no longer any internet neither phones or Ipads. wood and a difficult time.


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