Gerald Celente -- Fiat Money is at the root of our troubles

Gerald Celente, Founder of, and Alasdair Macleod, of the GoldMoney Foundation, talk about the role of fiat money in creating our economic problems. Gerald Celente explains that he has been looking at gold since the beginning of the bull market, he missed the low of 250$ per ounce by only 25$. They talk about 1987, the bubble of the 1990s and the money printing that caused it. They talk about the lowering of interest rates after 2001. Gerald calls it cheap money: 'the more you print the cheaper it gets'. He says that digital dollars are not worth the paper that they are not printed on. They talk about the panic of 2008 and how every central bank started printing massively to "keep the Ponzi scheme going". Gerald says that the Panic of 2008 kicked of a worldwide Depression, with housing prices falling worse than during the Great Depression. They talk about the currency wars and trade wars that will escalate as the situation deteriorates.

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