Friday, January 30, 2015

George Galloway MP on Syriza, Syria, Saudi Arabia, ISIS & More

George Galloway MP speaking with RT's Abby Martin [Breaking the Set]. Speaking on Syriza, Saudi Arabia, Hezbollah, ISIS, incompetent leaders and more, 28th January 2015.MP George Galloway on Free Speech Charlatans & Austin Powers Foreign Policy in Syria
Abby Martin has a conversation with UK Respect Party MP George Galloway, discussing topics ranging from Saudi Arabia’s relationship with the West to recent tensions on the rise between Israel and Hezbollah.

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  1. Reason why ISIS is the tool of nato: wake UP NATO is the problem kick them out and save civilization:Chinese should wake up HITLER NATO wants to conquer the world and promote the ISIS democracy worldwide, to destroy history, same way they did in 1492; and impose the american way of AIPAC. new world order religion, in order to wipe clean memory and implant the new program made in washington. how to destroy a civilization destroying their history is the way.!!! bombing their land their museums, their villages, their childrens..!!


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