Expert Predicts 2016 Nibiru / Planet X Flyby

 The estimated 2016 flyby or passing of Planet X / Nibiru, a reported Brown Dwarf star twin to our sun, is that of the “Destroyer”, of a global coastal event accompanied by tidal waves destroying all coastal cities, massive solar storms triggering a pole shift, and a mega-die-off of the human race on the surface of the planet, while the monarchical, financial, political, and military-intelligence complex survives in deep underground military bases.

Newly released data is suggesting flyby of Planet X / Nibiru will start in 2016. One estimate is that Planet X/Nibiru has orbited into our inner solar system more than 1.25 million times in the course of the 4.6 billion year history of our sun. Earth is in a binary solar system centered around our sun (Sol) and a Brown Dwarf star that orbits our sun in a 3600 year elliptical orbit that is at an angle to the ecliptic.

Historically, Planet X / Nibiru has had a different impact on Earth during each of its more than 1.25 million flybys in our solar system.

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  1. Not all of Sth Est Asia is 'out of bounds' re, the upcoming event.. there is up to 2555 meters ABSL land in the mountains of Chiang Mai, Thailand.


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