Coast To Coast AM - January 2, 2015 What's Under Lake Vostok

Date:     01-02-15
Host:     George Noory
Guests:     Steve Alten, Open Lines

In the first half of the program, author Steve Alten talked about his latest work, Sharkman, as well as his research into Nessie and the mysterious Lake Vostok of Antarctica. Alten revealed that Sharkman, which tells the story of a paralyzed man using experimental shark stem cells to heal himself, was actually inspired by his own treatment to battle Parkinson's disease. He explained that, after being diagnosed with Parkinson's, he was introduced to one of the world's leading stem cell resarchers and was subsequently administered a drug which caused his bone marrow to secrete a high volume of stem cells that seek out parts of the body needing repair. Based on this experience and adding in elements of science fiction, Alten penned Sharkman, which he likened to Spiderman or The Fly, since the main character's use of shark stem cells unwittingly leads to him transforming "in some pretty amazing ways."

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