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Ex-CIA defends CIA torture (09Dec14)

Michael Scheuer, ex-head of CIA's Osama Bin Laden unit says the Senate report on torture is a pack of lies, nothing accurate at all. He tries to explain away stuff as "Evidence was given under oath"... as if no politician has ever lied under oath - an oath is meaningless.

Recorded from BBC News Channel HD, 09 December 2014.

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Gerald Celente Predicts Disastrous Christmas

Alex Jones talks with Gerald Celente about the coming trends and what we can expect for the end of 2014 as well as what 2015 will bring.

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Gerald Celente -- America in Decline. Prepare Yourself Accordingly

Many economists have discussed the impending economic collapse of the United States for years - but why hasn't it happened yet? Were they wrong - or is there something else going on? Stefan Molyneux and Gerald Celente discuss the dangers of the current economic system, who's really running the show, the disastrous military blow-back and the impact of never-ending war on a worldwide stage.

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Coast To Coast AM - December 8, 2014 The Science of Reincarnation

Coast To Coast AM - December 8, 2014 The Science of Reincarnation

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Currency War to Destroy The US Empire

Wars do not need to be fought on a traditional battlefield. No longer do they need to involve the military. Today a World War is being fought but this time it's a CURRENCY WAR. All countries are engaging in a devaluation of their currencies in order to stay competitive for exports as well as to reduce their debt.

This simply MAGNIFIES the problems we have and will end with an obvious result: destruction. 

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The Alex Jones Show- Commercial Free- Tuesday, December 9, 2014 -- Gerald Celente

 On this Tuesday, December 9 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers a wide spectrum of U.S. and international news. Numerous indications suggest a terror attack targeting the West that is blamed on ISIS could be coming this Christmas. Western government have spent decades destabilizing the Middle East which created the vacuum for ISIS to dominate. Trend forecaster Gerald Celente joins the broadcast to unravel the latest lies seeping out of D.C. and the newest trends taking shape geopolitically. International journalist Alex Newman of the New American also joins Alex to discuss the latest attacks on gun rights by the U.N. and other key developments.

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Pope Francis Part of Criminal Syndicate and Will Be Arrested - Kevin Annett

Kevin Annett - Pope Francis Part of Criminal Syndicate and Will Be Arrested

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Civil War is Coming In America -- Michael Savage

Radio talk superstar Michael Savage, host of "The Savage Nation", appeared on "The Alex Jones Show" today to discuss the state of the country and his recent warning that Americans are running out of time to save the Republic. Michael's new book "Stop The Coming Civil War" is already a bestseller and can be ordered here:

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Rothschild Illuminati Conspiracy Completely Exposed

 It'll teach you techniques to clear your mind from all the nonsense that's been stuck in there through all the media and movies and other brianwashed people wanting you to "fit in with themClear your mind of the Rothschild conditioning and brainwashing that's controlled your mind all your life; take back your power right now! Be a slave no longer !

It'll teach you techniques to clear your mind from all the nonsense that's been stuck in there through all the media and movies and other brianwashed people wanting you to "fit in with them"

History of the Rothschild and other banking families, how they have subverted European nations through finance historically, and moved on to subvert our own nation and now the entire world. This video breaks down everything you need to know about the great World Enemy, the history of America's fight against them, and how Ameriica's economy eventually became their vehicle for their "New World Order" of gradual economic and eventual political union under their control.

Freemasons are one of their puppets, Zionism is another arm of this World Enemy, they manipulate wars such as World War II and World War I in order to set rival debtor nations against one another, and seize assets from them, and World War III could be coming very soon.

Original video by Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, editing and production by myself James Portocarrero.

Please feel free to upload it on your channel, share it, likes, comments, and subscriptions are much appreciated. We have to all be on the same page and understand what's going on or we'll be subverted by their disinformation agents, who are highly active on Youtube and elsewhere online in the ongoing "Information War".

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Ken O'Keefe at the 2nd International Conference of Independent Thinkers - Tehran 2014

 This was Ken O'Keefe's short introduction & speech at the 2nd International Conference of Independent Thinkers held in Tehran, Iran from September 28-October 1, 2014. Isn't it amazing that Iran can host such a meeting while the "freedom loving West" could never muster such a conference. Very predictably the so-called 'Anti-defamation League', an organisation set up to defame people, labelled the conference a "hate fest" with Ken O'Keefe and others smeared with the "anti-semite" and "conspiracy theorist" titles. O'Keefe promptly thanked the ADL on Twitter for such esteemed "honour".

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ISIS, An American-Zionist Conspiracy -- Jordanian MP

Jordanian MP Fawaz Al-Zoabi: ISIS, Jabhat Al-Nusra, and FSA Are an American-Zionist Conspiracy

In a recent TV interview, Jordanian MP Fawaz Al-Zoabi said that ISIS, Jabhat Al-Nusra, and the Free Syrian Army were created by America and the Zionists and that the conflicts in the Middle East were all part of a conspiracy to increase tourism revenue in the West. The interview was broadcast on the Lebanese New TV on November 27,2014.

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How The CIA Tortured Terror Suspects In Uzbekistan

The West's Torture Farm - How the United States shipped torture suspects to Uzbekistan

It’s one of the nastiest, most repressive dictatorships in Asia but its relationship with Washington has helped it avoid censor. Just how valuable an ally is Uzbekistan in the War on Terror? Critics of the government risk being tortured to death, there’s no freedom of speech and all opposition parties are banned. “This is not a government. It’s a monster against its own people,” laments Prof Mirsaidov. In the name of fighting Islamic terror, Uzbekistan has jailed thousands of members of Hiz-but-Tahrir. The problem is, many claim they are innocent and confessions are extracted under torture. But despite its appalling human rights record, few Western governments seem willing to criticise it. Uzbekistan is now regarded as a key ally in the War on Terror. It allows the US to use its airbases to support operations in Afghanistan and American agents are believed to have ‘rendered’ terrorist suspects to Uzbekistan to be tortured. However, there are growing fears that siding with this repressive regime to fight terrorism is counter productive. As former British Ambassador Craig Murray states: “Our short sighted policy in Asia is creating the terrorism we claim we are fighting.”

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William Black -- Why The Oil Prices are Falling ?

Falling oil prices...what does it mean?

 Professor William Black, University of Missouri-Kansas City/The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One, joins Thom Hartmann. Oil prices are plummeting - and plummeting fast. Is this good or bad thing for the U.S. economy? And what kind of effect could it have on the world diplomatic scene - from Russia to the Middle East?

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BREAKING NEWS: ISIS Claims Radioactive Device in Europe

An alleged weapons maker for ISIS claimed that a “radioactive device” has been smuggled into an undisclosed location in Europe.

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RACE WAR in AMERICA - The Engineered Race War is Heating Up

RACE WAR in AMERICA - The Engineered Race War is Heating Up

With protests around the country still swirling after the Michael Brown and Eric Garner grand jury verdicts, St. Louis is to get its own dedicated ‘civil unrest’ czar, with authorities fearing more riots that could “radically alter” the city’s future.

The city submitted a successful application to join dozens of other cities around the globe as part of the “100 Resilient Cities Network,” a Rockefeller Foundation funded initiative which seeks to help cities “prepare for, withstand and bounce back rapidly from shocks and stresses.”

The city’s civil unrest czar will have his salary paid by the Foundation and will work out of St. Louis City Hall to develop an “action plan” to deal with domestic disorder and “endemic crime”. With Ferguson and St. Louis having already been hit with major rioting and looting last month, violent demonstrations continue to take place in other cities. While protesters were demonstrating against police who killed Eric Garner, a cop in Arizona assaulted a teenager with asthma.

The wife of Eric Garner, the New York man choked to death on video by a police officer, has spoken out to dismiss claims that the incident was racially motivated.

Esaw Snipes said “I don’t even feel like it’s a black-and-white thing, honestly, you know, in my opinion.” race obsession Author and journalist James Howard Kunstler warns that America is careening towards “a new and different kind of civil war” as a result of “guilt-tripped white political culture,” oppositional black culture and militarized police.

Kunstler, who writes for The Atlantic Monthly and Rolling Stone, warns in his latest piece that the aftermath of Ferguson represents “a tragic time for America” and that “the country is going to get into a lot more trouble” unless people begin to understand the true causes of racial tension and police brutality.

Highlighting the “foolish white-sponsored “diversity” campaign which had imposed the ridiculous idea that a common culture in one nation is unnecessary,” Kunstler says the gulf between black and white cultures is only growing wider.

Eric Garner protests in Oakland, California, have taken a dangerous turn. During a protest late Sunday night on a highway demonstrators threw rocks, bottles, glass and explosives at police. Molotov cocktails and M-80 firecrackers.

In nearby Berkeley, protesters repeated behavior experienced in Ferguson after a grand jury declined to bring Officer Darren Wilson up on charges in the death of Michael Brown. Businesses were looted and vandalized by masked protesters. A protester attempting to prevent looting at a Radio Shack was assaulted with a hammer Underscoring frustrations expressed by many about the two party monopoly in America, during an interview with CNN’s Candy Crowley yesterday, George W. Bush responded to a question about his brother Jeb running against Hillary Clinton by referring to Hillary as his “sister in law”.

Protests against police brutality have turned violent in Berkeley, California, as officers are resorting to rubber bullets, flash bang grenades and tear gas in a tense standoff with demonstrators demanding justice.

The scene in this liberal college town remains chaotic Saturday night as reports of injured protesters at the hands of the police begin emerged. The protesters took to the streets to express their anger over a series of high-profile incidences involving the death of black Americans at the hands of white police officers – all of whom were cleared of any wrongdoing by the courts. ferguson riots

According to police, some of the protesters took to more violent methods of expression. Daughter of black man killed by police rejects notion that race had anything to do with father's death

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ISIS False Flag Terror Attack This Christmas?

Intense chatter surrounding a potential ISIS terror attack targeting the west in addition to the history of holiday season plots suggests the threat has never been higher as we get nearer to Christmas.

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"Hosea Prophecy" December Mass Animal Deaths

Thousands of dead fish, mussels, turtles and birds all over the Earth

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The Judeo Mafia Keeps Us Monetised - Morris

The United States has endured many challenges since having reached its economic peak several decades ago. The wealth generated during the 1940s and 1950s carried the nation through several economic downturns. By the 1970s, much of this excess wealth had been depleted.

As America’s economic decline was becoming more apparent, the nation’s ruling class convinced Washington officials to introduce a series of levers designed to reduce or even reverse the decline. I have discussed each of these levers in previous articles.

The first lever introduced was the petrodollar in the early 1970s. The next was free trade. This economic pillar of globalization was advocated in the 1980s, but was not pushed through Congress until the early 1990s. Since then, it has spread throughout much of the world.

The final lever was the creation of numerous asset bubbles by the Federal Reserve Bank and Wall Street, both run by the Jewish Mafia. The Fed’s ability to create these bubbles is based largely on the financial attributes of the petrodollar.

Irrespective of these gimmicks, the United States currently finds itself in a depression. This depression is in many ways more severe and will be more difficult to escape than that seen during the 1930s. I have written several articles in support of these claims.

While things might begin to look better in a few years, the United States is likely to proceed through its socioeconomic decline until the American Empire has been dissolved. Certainly there will be many additional attempts to resurrect this empire. More wars will be fought, more oil will be taken from abroad, and more asset bubbles will be created. But these tricks will only delay, not prevent the continued decline of the United States. The winding down process is likely to take several decades. In exchange for these delays, the total damage will be more severe.

America’s Second Great Depression was triggered by massive Wall Street fraud involving trillions of dollars of grossly overvalued real estate securities. Many of these securities were not worth the paper they were printed on, but were marketed to institutional investors as “safe investments.” When the house of cards collapsed, an unprecedented financial crisis engulfed the entire world. These predictions were detailed in America’s Financial Apocalypse, two years before the financial crisis.

Hundreds of millions of people from around the world suffered the greatest financial loss of their lives as a result of the widespread fraud perpetrated by the Jewish Mafia. Tens of millions of jobs and homes were lost, while trillions of dollars were stolen from pensions, IRAs and other retirement accounts. Now we see entire nations in Europe being raped by the Jewish Mafia.

There were no bailouts for the victims of this heist, but the banks were bailed out. The bankers, mortgage brokers and everyone else behind the scam retained the profits extracted as a result of fraud. Incompetent pension fund managers using other peoples’ money bought these toxic assets. They had a legally-binding fiduciary responsibility to act with prudence but failed to do so. Yet, they kept their jobs after making these irresponsible and poorly thought-out investments.

And still, not a single one of the thousands of criminals responsible for this colossal charade is in prison. This highlights the sheer power of the Jewish Mafia. Perhaps even worse is that the scams continue to this day. Unfortunately, the Jewish Mafia will continue to defraud Main Street indefinitely because nothing has been done to prevent securities fraud. In fact, the moral hazard has been strengthened due to the absence of criminal prosecution.

Rather than serving as the root cause of America’s Second Great Depression, the financial crisis merely revealed the true face of an economy that had been in gradual decline for many years. As detailed in America’s Financial Apocalypse, America’s three decade-long period of declining living standards has been masked by three principle forces; the shift from one- to two-income households; rapid growth of consumer credit; and the influx of illegal aliens. But these economic crutches have resulted in devastating societal consequences.

Let’s have a brief look at America’s Golden Era, and then contrast it with what we see in the United States today.

America’s Golden Era

During the early part of the 20th century the United States was challenging the United Kingdom for the title of the leading economic superpower. The US was able to ascend to this position rather quickly due to its vast supply of untapped natural resources and budding entrepreneurial spirit that emerged from this relatively new nation.

By the 1940s, the United States had established itself as the preeminent superpower. The nation exited the war with the world’s most dominant military. And it proved to the world that it was the leader in innovation and manufacturing.

The post-war period was very prosperous for the United States. By the 1950s, it was difficult to find goods that were not “Made in the USA.” Everyone from around the world lined up for American-made products. They were the best in quality, design and durability. Of course the United States did not face much competition at the time since most of the world remained in shambles from World War II. Nevertheless, this period of tremendous economic growth enabled America to pay off its enormous wartime debt and amass a huge level of wealth.

America’s dominant manufacturing sector gave rise to job security and generous benefits because it produced goods demanded by the world. This led to large annual trade surpluses which added to the nation’s wealth. This made Americans strong consumers.

During America’s Golden Era consumers were not owned by banks. They did not rely on credit cards. In fact, credit cards were quite rare at the time. Americans typically bought only what they could pay for in cash. This was possible because the majority of jobs paid living wages. Other times they used layaway plans. These installment plans had no interest payments and kept consumers out of debt.

There was no need for financial trickery and credit bubbles during America’s Golden Era. America’s export trade was very strong and good jobs were plentiful. This was a time when the United States was also the world’s largest creditor and the world’s largest exporter of crude oil. It was a nation whereby production exceeded consumption.

During the Golden Era, Americans could actually afford medical care. There were no medical bankruptcies because the nation’s medical-industrial complex was in its infancy and had not yet formed strong partnerships up with Wall Street.

The societal elements during America’s Golden Era were also on more solid ground. The family unit was strong. Americans had a sense of who they were and where they came from. The United States permitted immigration but made sure to emphasize and preserve the cultural, racial and ethnic origins of the country. By no means was America perfect during its Golden Era. There were racial, gender and economic inequalities. And the Banking Cartel was working with the corporate infrastructure to seize complete control over the nation. But overall, it was a great time to live in America.

Modern America

There have been numerous radical changes in the United States since having reached the end of its Golden Era. By the late-1960s, several changes had already taken place that would determine much of the nation’s forward trajectory.

Today, multiculturalism, feminism, gay and lesbianism, affirmative action and political correctness have overwhelmed America. The result of this war on US society has been socioeconomic decay, gender confusion and the breakdown of the family unit. The Jewish Mafia’s media-entertainment complex has been the primary weapon utilized in this socioeconomic war against America.

The masses have been coerced by various means to accept dangerous ideals which threaten the nation. For decades, the Jewish Mafia has been reengineering the nation’s institutional infrastructure in order to wage a political and economic war exclusively against Americans of White, Christian, European ancestry. Black pride, Mexican pride and Asian pride are emphasized and encouraged in the school system. In contrast, White Americans are discouraged from developing a sense of pride and self-worth. Under the rule of the Jewish Mafia, America’s educational establishment is now teaching students that race does not exist.

The truth is being stifled through a variety of mechanisms such as defamation, hate speech and public intimidation. Children are indoctrinated with various ideals from within the political correctness agenda, from pre-school through college. Thereafter, this brainwashing continues throughout their lives in both the public and private sector. These ideals and behaviors are being introduced and reinforced by the Jewish-run media-entertainment complex on a daily basis.

The United States has exhibited numerous hallmark signs of a nation in crisis for many years. But Washington refuses to acknowledge the crisis because Americans would eventually come to realize the source of the problems.

American females are having a more difficult time finding husbands because they have been told that they should focus on preparing for and establishing a career before forming a family. As a result, many females who spent their early years focusing on their career are finding it difficult to find a suitable partner for marriage.

Married couples no longer remain married in America. The previous legal hurdles required to obtain a divorce have been removed. And divorce has been made socially acceptable. As a result, the nation’s divorce rate is very troubling and embarrassing. Again, this has been the work of the Jewish Mafia through its support of feminism and the reengineering of gender roles. And they have used their control over the nation’s educational system and media to anchor destructive ideas into the minds of females young and old.

The spread of trash TV, hip-hop and rap “music” has glamourized immorality, filthy and disrespectful behaviors, pornography, low self-esteem and violence. As a result of this propaganda tsunami, teenage girls think it’s “cool” to be known as “whores” and “sluts.” They take nude pictures and post them online. They film themselves having sex and upload the videos onto the Internet.

These behaviors are being reinforced by the Jewish Mafia’s media-entertainment complex on a daily basis. Sadly, American parents are not demanding an end to this media filth and corruption of their children. Instead, they too are soaking up the same filth. As a result, America has relinquished its moral, ethnic and cultural foundations at the hands of the Jewish Mafia.

The level of violence and inhumanity in America continues to reach new heights. New born babies are left in garbage dumps, parents are murdering their infants, teens are killing teens, as well as their parents. Metal detectors are found in most inner city public schools serving as a daily reminder of America’s degeneracy.

The economic decay of the nation mirrors its societal decay. Today, the United States is the world’s largest debtor and the world’s largest importer of oil. It’s also the world’s largest exporter of jobs. Other countries stop at nothing to achieve domestic job growth. But in the United States, corporate profits dictate economic and trade policy. This is precisely what one would expect from a nation governed by corporate fascism.

As a result of the uncompromising quest for optimal corporate profits, job security is a relic from past generations. Today, corporate America continuously seeks out nations offering the best pool of slave labor acting under the auspices of so-called free trade.

Meanwhile, in the name of “capitalism,” buyout firms search for the next corporate takeover so they can gut employee pensions and slash wages in order to make huge profits selling off a “leaner, more efficiently-run” business. This is just one of many methods of extortion taught in American business schools.

Largely as the result of neoliberalism, the America of today is in stark contrast to what was once viewed as the envy of the world. Free trade, open markets and deregulation were marketed to the people as a means by which to achieve better jobs and higher living standards. This was yet another lie created to enhance the corporate state. In reality, the private sector has been enriched at the expense of workers and tax payers. In the past decade alone, millions of American jobs have been sent overseas in the name of corporate profits.

Today, much of what is made comes from Asia, from personal computers and furniture, to tennis shoes and building materials. While living standards in Southeast Asia and Latin America continue to rise each day, living standards of the working- and middle-class in the United States continue to fall. At the same time, the living standards of America’s wealthiest 5% continue to rise.

The costs of medical care in the United States are astronomical. And if you are unable to pay your bill, you could end up in jail. Even veterinarians now charge enormous fees for routine services.

With the nation’s healthcare system now under siege by Wall Street, one million Americans file for medical bankruptcy every year. Perhaps even more striking is that most of those who filed for medical bankruptcy had full health insurance. This fact alone demonstrates the inadequacy of America’s medical insurance system, which resembles an overpriced pre-paid medical plan. In contrast, illegal aliens are provided with free medical services funded by US tax payers, many of which who cannot afford medical insurance.

The Wall Street business model has adversely impacted every aspect of medical care in the United States. America now has the most inefficient healthcare system in the world. It also leads the world in medical errors and fatalities due to negligence.

For more than three decades America has been a nation of excessive consumption that relies on credit. In order to maintain their living standards, most Americans have blindly accepted the gimmicks designed by the nation’s criminal banking system. With the assistance of the media-entertainment complex, Americans have been transformed into impulsive consumers. Many end up as hoarders of junk. And they struggle with a mountain of debt for much of their lives.

The dumbing down of the American public has taken place primarily to fuel the profits of corporate America. But it has also occurred as a way to keep the population controlled and distracted, so the criminal activities and exploitation at the hands of officials and their corporate partners continues unabated.

The nation’s most dominant corporations from every key sector have formed illegal partnerships with Washington. These corporate giants do the bidding for Washington cronies in exchange for tax breaks and industry subsidies so that wealthy shareholders are rewarded handsomely. This revolving door is filled with bribes, fraud and countless other criminal activities.

- Telecommunications: AT&T and Verizon (government spying);

- Oil Exploration & Production: Exxon-Mobil and Chevron (feeding business and war engines, environmental destruction and massive fraud);

- Oil Services: Schlumberger, Halliburton and Baker Hughes (military-industrial complex, environmental destruction and massive fraud);

- Information Technology: Microsoft and IBM (government spying);

- Digital Media: Apple, Google, Facebook and Yahoo (government spying and manipulation of the public);

- Traditional Media: Time-Warner, News Corp., Comcast and New York Times (manipulation of the public, social reengineering and massive fraud);

- Pharmaceuticals: Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Pfizer and Eli Lilly (mind control and massive fraud);

- Defense: Lockheed-Martin, Boeing and General Dynamics (military-industrial complex and massive fraud);

- Food & Beverages: McDonalds, Yum Brands, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Monsanto (control and manipulation of the global food supply);

- Banking: JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs (control of commerce, money laundering and massive fraud);

Role of the Education System

America’s educational system has served an important role in brainwashing the population through media censorship and revisionist history. As it stands today, the nation’s K-12 educational system has reached the point of diminishing returns. Instead of preparing the youth for the New Economy, the educational system serves as their first point of indoctrination.

Children learn one way or another that they must do as they are told but never raise questions. If they question the official version of history, their parents are told their children have a mental or personality disorder, and they are sent to psychiatrists. If these children seem rebellious or are unwilling to accept the mandates of political correctness, they are medicated with amphetamines and other toxic “medications,” such as Lithium, Zyprexa or Prozac, which over time transforms them into virtual zombies.

The nation’s massive public education system also provides a source of jobs for administrators and other bureaucrats who keep the system in chaos. Many of these individuals are incompetent, and would have a difficult time finding a job in the private sector. I call these welfare jobs because they are funded by tax payers, and most are not needed. Finally, most of the recipients of these jobs are effectively unemployable outside of the public sector.

You don’t need a quality educational system when you can hire workers in China and India for 80% less than what you would pay to get the same work done in the United States. In fact, when you are running a fascist regime it is to your disadvantage to educate the population because a nation of educated citizens is more difficult to control.

The real purpose of the US educational system is to keep the population dumbed down, deluded and docile. This makes it much easier for the masses to accept mandates set forth by the establishment, such as political correctness, affirmative action, feminism, homosexuality and other themes intended to weaken gender identity, individuality, the family unit and the entire society.

A dumbed down population can also be fooled into thinking they have a real democracy, individual freedoms and liberties. If they believe these illusions to be reality, they will never attempt to tear down their fascist government.

Even when the people feel their freedoms and liberties are being threatened, the establishment always has hero that it sends to “rescue” the people so that they will continue to support the fascist political regime instead of tearing it down. Ron Paul serves as an excellent example of this controlled opposition scheme.

Preparing for Free Trade

Once America’s shadow government sensed the commencement of the nation’s decline, they ramped up plans to introduce neoliberal economics to the people. This philosophy was largely compatible with the economic pillar of globalization, so it gained widespread support from officials in the Zionist-controlled Western world. In the first stage, the concept of free trade was pitched to the American people with the promise of more jobs and higher living standards.

The early architects of free trade introduced several welfare programs in order to smooth out the transition. For instance, President Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society” significantly expanded upon the nation’s welfare state with the launch of Medicare, Medicaid, expansion of Social Security, the food stamp program, formation of Freddie Mac and other housing subsidies, community action funds, educational and related funding such as Head Start, and several other programs.

Johnson’s Great Society was a contemporary version of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal. Each served as a Trojan horse to the American people. But the Great Society was more focused on selling the idea of expanding the nation’s welfare state as a perceived means to combat poverty and racial injustice.

By and large, the welfare programs introduced by Johnson would serve two main objectives. First, they would add enormous government subsidies to corporations, thereby strengthening the rise of fascism within America. Second, tens of millions of Americans who might otherwise stand up and revolt against fascist elements of the US government would be pacified by these handouts. While FDR’s New Deal had the same objectives, Johnson’s welfare program was executed on a more grandiose scale.

Consequences of Free Trade

Shortly after America’s welfare state had been fortified, the corporate state was strengthened further. Free trade was marketed to American voters in the late 1980s under Reagan and pushed into law under Clinton. Although it promised better living standards, free trade has largely been responsible for the widening wealth and income gap between America’s wealthy and working class. The real winner of free trade has been corporate giants and their wealthy shareholders.

Free trade has been a complete economic disaster. It has cost Americans millions of good jobs. It has led to the disposition of a substantial amount of critically important US assets and intellectual property. It has lowered the competitive stance of the US economy. It has diminished the scientific research capabilities of the US. It has wasted enormous amounts of human capital. It has led to misappropriation of tax payer funds. It has lowered the quality of manufactured goods which increases the average lifetime cost of durable goods per consumer.

Finally and perhaps most important of all, free trade has stripped away the political and economic autonomy of the United States. But it has achieved its real objective; delivering excessive profits to shareholders.

Prior to the introduction of free trade, engineers and scientists were highly valued professionals. Today the US economy is pushing these professionals out of their traditional roles as creators and innovators of new products and novel ideas. With few alternatives, many scientists have defected for lucrative careers on Wall Street. There, they help investment firms and hedge funds scalp assets from investors. This represents a tremendous loss of human productivity and adds to the criminality of the nation’s financial system.

America’s modern day mafia recruits Ph.Ds in physics, chemistry, engineering and math. Instead of guns and bullets, they are armed with complex algorithms and computer programs specifically designed to extort money from stock, bond, foreign currency and commodity markets, robbing the retirement and wealth of millions of people.

This massive fraud occurs on a daily basis, yet goes largely undetected. On the rare occasion when securities fraud is detected, a low-level scapegoat most often takes the blame. Meanwhile, the real criminals get away and the entire criminal operation is permitted to continue.

America’s New Industries

Prior to free trade, the fruits of the nation’s productivity were being more evenly distributed to workers, executives and shareholders. As a result, the United States offered an ample supply of good, secure jobs with generous employee benefits. These jobs were funded by strong export trade, which also fueled domestic demand. Today, the vast majority of wealth gained from the nation’s productivity is funneled to corporate executives and shareholders.

Numerous changes in economic policy over the past several decades have done much to transform the nation into a two-class society. In exchange for its former manufacturing base, the United States is now home to an army of valets, who will park your car when you go to a restaurant, mall or hospital; fitness trainers who will help you lose weight or stay in shape; massage therapists who have added to the nation’s healthcare bubble; landscapers, who will tend to your lawn; personal chefs, nannies, maids and pet sitters/handlers.

These occupations don’t offer job security. And they certainly don’t provide employee benefits. But these are among the more legitimate careers in the United States. Many of these occupations are also found in third world nations. Such economies are focused on domestic labor for criminals, otherwise known as the “wealthy elite.” The vast majority of these individuals obtained their wealth through bribery, theft and extortion.

The “land of opportunity” is also home to a countless number of life coaches, money gurus, investment gurus, relationship gurus, real estate gurus, and dozens of other designations used by con men and women who target the large and growing population of desperate Americans.

I suppose the definition of “opportunity” depends on one’s frame of reference and moral compass, or lack thereof. Regardless, these charlatans could not achieve such a high level of penetration into millions of households without the assistance of the media-entertainment complex.

Finally, the labor dedicated to these occupations does nothing to generate foreign demand. With fewer exports and more imports, the United States continues to record large trade deficits. In reality, America’s trade deficit has become a permanent feature of the US economy due to profound changes made to its economic infrastructure. Consequently, it is a well-known fact that prolonged trade deficits almost always reflect job exportation and/or the replacement of high quality jobs to jobs of lower quality.

Looking into the Future

As corporate America moves forward with record profits, the majority of Americans will continue to be left out of this economic feast. But things are only going to get worse. Now that US consumers have been tapped out and will never again provide the purchasing power required to maintain robust earnings growth, corporate America is planning its next phase of economic treason.

With more than 1.3 billion consumers boasting the highest savings rate in the world, China represents the next gravy train for corporate America. Within the next decade, Chinese consumers will fuel corporate America’s earnings growth. We are already seeing this transition take place. Moving forward, corporate America will dedicate much more effort and money to target Chinese consumers. And this will by necessity lead to a greater exportation of US jobs. These changes will adversely impact America’s already weakened economy.

As we review the events from the past few years, it is clear that Washington had numerous opportunities to respond to the challenges facing the nation. Instead of providing real solutions, America’s elected officials have once again failed on the most important issues; Wall Street reform, healthcare reform, trade policy and foreign policy. They have not even called for the heads of the Wall Street criminals who destroyed the global economy, perhaps because they themselves are just as guilty.

During this period of historic loss and human suffering, corporate America and the banks have managed to do quite well. Hopefully by now everyone understands that America’s “highly trusted” officials have been bought off by the banks and corporations. As a consequence, those who are waiting, hoping and praying for things to change will be sadly disappointed, again.

As I have discussed in the past, most Americans will be fooled into thinking that the economy has recovered once a new bubble has been created by the Jewish Banking Cartel. But this will represent just another gimmick. Although most Americans have been led to believe that the current economic downdraft is only a temporary phase of the economic cycle, I can guarantee there will be no real recovery so long as America’s fascist regime remains in power. This has obvious implications.

There is but one solution. The root cause of this cancer must be extracted. This would be the Jewish Mafia. The objectives of the Jewish Mafia include both Zionist and non-Zionist elements. Their main goal is to extract all wealth from every nation and seize complete control of the entire world. Until Americans come to acknowledge the role of the Jewish Mafia in the subversion of their nation, they will remain enslaved indefinitely. The same applies to Canada, Australia and all of Europe.

As corporate America continues to focus more overseas, there will be little left for most Americans. In coming years, an increasingly higher percentage of the US population will rely on welfare. They will never have the opportunity to contribute to society. They will become the biggest casualties of America’s crony capitalism and corporate fascism.

Millions of others will work as cashiers and burger flippers, while drawing government assistance to supplement their slave wages. Most of the remaining Americans will serve the wealthy as maids, valets, fitness trainers, pet sitters and nannies.

They are not likely to get much of a retirement plan or healthcare benefits. They will struggle to make ends meet. They will work until they are no longer able. If they are lucky, they will die flat broke. Others will die in debt, with nothing to leave to their heirs.

So long as America’s fascist regime remains in power, the best opportunity for upward mobility in the United States will come from white collar crime. Others will keep playing the lotto, heading to casinos, and gambling in the stock market as they desperately search for a way out of the misery created by free trade and the Jewish Mafia.

God help America.

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Ben Fulford (Dec 9 2014) ~ First The Evil Pope, Then The Dumb Secretary Of Defense, Now Netanyahu, Next The Bush Clan

The satanic cabal is suffering a series of catastrophic defeats. Like a snowball gradually turning larger, the removal of a few cabalists is now turning into an avalanche of losses for the cabal. The removal of Pope Maledict and the abdication of several European royals is now being followed with the removal of key cabal power brokers in the United States. The low IQ, and easy to manipulate, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel has been replaced with Ashton Carter, a polymath with a PHD in theoretical physics. Under cabal rule, meritocrats like Carter ran into a glass ceiling. The fact that such a man is now in the top post is a good sign but, Carter will have to show with his actions that he is on the right side. The early omens are good. The US military industrial complex is out to oust mass murdering psychopath Benyamin Netanyahu had have already managed to overthrow his
government. The evidence presented in a British court that Netanyahu was one of the key planners of the 311 tsunami and nuclear mass murder attack was a key reason for his loss of support inside the military industrial complex as well as in the Israeli government, Mossad sources say. As soon as the US move to oust Netanyahu was reported in Israeli newspapers, US President Barack Obama was sent to a top military hospital for “acid reflux.” MI5 sources say it was likely he was poisoned by people close to Netanyahu. What the people close to Netanyahu fail to realize is that even if they had killed Obama it would have made no difference because he is just a spokesperson for the military industrial complex. The military industrial complex has a lot more men with guns than the cabal could ever dream of defeating even with their usual tool of targeted assassinations.
The other big sign that it is not business as usual in Washington is the fact the US Congress passed legislation that amounted to a declaration of war against Russia
but this was ignored by both the military and the media. It means the cabal bribed fools in Congress have been removed from any real power.
The next thing the Joint Chiefs of Staff must do is to start rounding up and putting in jail the members of murderous Bush clan, starting with George Bush Sr.
In China as well, there was a very big move last week with the arrest of former top Security Chief Zhou Yongkang.
According to Chinese government sources, the removal of Zhou was part of an ongoing purge of Maoists. Mao was a cabal stooge who took his orders from Nazionists. Take a look at the pictures near the bottom of this link to see some of Mao’s handlers.
The Chinese say that the removal of Zhou, following the removal last year of politburo heavyweight Bo Xilai, is aimed at purging all cabal influence from China’s power structure. Zhou was close to the Bush clan, the sources say.
There have also been some very interesting developments in Japan. The government of Shinzo Abe and the Bank of Japan have been caught laundering stolen gold, according to Japanese right wing sources. Gold stolen from the IMF (2800 tons), from Germany (370 tons), from the Ukraine (42 tons) from South Africa (300 tons) etc. is apparently being sold to the Bank of Japan and the money produced is being laundered to top cabalists via the Japanese stock market.

Take a look at this chart:
and note the Nikkei stock index started moving in exact (but reverse) tandem with the gold price immediately after Abe took power. Gold is sold, the price falls and then, slightly later, Nikkei is bought and the stock index rises. The money is then sent overseas and the Japanese yen falls. Remember Abe was put in power via an election stolen using Musashi Engineering vote counting machines. A paper trail of ownership of Musashi led to the Rockefeller controlled Council on Foreign Relations. Japan’s listed companies are all under effective control of cabalists like the Rockefellers, Bushes and Rothschilds so we can see that so-called Abenomics is just a giant cabal money laundering operation. Japan’s GDP is plunging (annualized minus 7.1% in the second quarter and minus 1.9% in the third quarter) because Japan is being looted to keep the cabal from bankruptcy.
Abe is now being told he will have to resign after the coming election even if his party wins, the right wingers say. No decision has been made yet over who will succeed him, the sources say. However, the new regime will be fundamentally different and the looting of Japan will be stopped, they promise.
A back of the envelope calculation shows that if the Japanese took back the shares illegally acquired by cabalists, there would be enough money to give the yen equivalent of $100,000 to each man woman and child in Japan. If the Americans did the same thing an even bigger bonanza would be possible in the US too.
There was also a major geopolitical tectonic plate shift in the Middle East last week when Turkey and Russia announced a gas pipeline would be built through the Black Sea connecting these two countries. There was also a major nuclear power deal announced. What this means is that a NATO member country, with the most powerful military in the Middle East, just broke ranks with the cabal. The Turks are also on very friendly terms with the Iranians.
The gulf oil monarchies and Israel are now circling the wagons and making their secret alliance not so secret but, that will not save them.

The Anglo Saxon military industrial complex is going to ally itself with the Russians, Turks and Iranians to help create a moderate Sufi based Muslim confederation in order to put a permanent end to the Saudi financed Salafist extremists. The new Israeli government due to take power in March of next year will have to come to terms with this in order to attain true peace in the Middle East.
Finally, take note of the fact that somebody has given new marching orders to UN head (and cabal stooge) Ban Ki Moon. He is now saying the UN’s new agenda involves “ending poverty, achieving shared prosperity and protecting our planet.”
This is exactly what the awakening citizens of the planet have been asking for. It is finally happening.


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