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Doctor tests positive for Ebola in NYC

NEW YORK - A health care worker who recently had been to West Africa tested positive for the Ebola virus in New York City Thursday, Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed at an evening press conference. The man, identified by CBS New York as Dr. Craig Spencer, 31, who worked with the aid group Doctors Without Borders, had quarantined himself after coming down with a fever and abdominal pains and was later transported to Bellevue Hospital, one of eight hospitals in New York State with specialized Ebola units. The CDC confirmed it is sending a team to New York to deal with the case. The agency will conduct follow up tests to confirm the initial test results, the Associated Press reported.

Ebola : NYC Doctor Tests Positive for Ebola

Officials are looking into a possible Ebola case in New York City. CBS 2's Marcia Kramer reports.

Canada's False Flag Event Used For Different Agendas

Bank of Italy sees a decline in GDP. France's private sector output declines. U.S. manufacturing tumbles. Russia has de-dollarized 18% of the rouble. China taking advantage of low oil prices, buying as much as they can. Judicial watch confirms Obama orchestrated the illegals coming over the border. Drug makers want indemnity for the new Ebola vaccine. France moving troops to Libya. U.S. taking an airport in Iraq to create a military base. U.S. getting ready to bring in special forces into Syria under the guise of the FSA only being trained for defensive purposes. Canada's false flag event was used for many agendas to get the war started in Syria. FBI warning that ISIS is about to attack. Be prepared for another false flag.

Three Questions: What do you propose? by Peter Joseph | The Zeitgeist Movement

Can you resolve these three questions/problems logically without realizing the need to remove the Market Economy?

If so: Make a video and email it to us:
media @

The Three Questions:

1) Given the market economy requires consumption in order to maintain demand for human employment and further economic growth as needed, is there a structural incentive to reduce resource use, biodiversity loss, the global pollution footprint and hence assist the ever-increasing need for improved ecological sustainability in the world today?

2) In an economic system where companies seek to limit their production costs (“cost efficiency”) in order to maximize profits and remain competitive against other producers, what structural incentive exists to keep human beings employed, in the wake of an emerging technological condition where the majority of jobs can now be done more cheaply and effectively by machine automation?

3) In an economic system which inherently generates class stratification and overall inequity, how can the effects of “Structural Violence” - a phenomenon noted by public health researchers to kill well over 18 million a year, generating a vast range of systemic detriments such as behavioral, emotional and physical disorders – be minimized or even removed as an effect?

Transcript and Sources:

Patrick Barron: The End of the US Dollar Imperium

Jeff Deist and Patrick Barron address the issue of monetary imperialism. How does the US use the dollar as a weapon of economic and cultural power? How long can it last? What might the unprecedented collapse of a worldwide reserve currency look like? And how do the BRIC nations and Asian central banks fight back?

BREAKING -- Ebola hits New York City

New York Doctor Just Back From Africa Has Ebola

A doctor just back from West Africa has been isolated and has tested positive for Ebola virus at New York’s Bellevue Hospital, city health officials said Thursday. It's a by-the-book operation demonstrating the nation's heightened new state of readiness for Ebola, and by far the most high profile yet. An official from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told NBC News that an Ebola strike team was being assembled to go to New York and help coordinate his care.

BREAKING Ebola Confirmed in New York City

BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Craig Spencer, after returning from a Doctor's Without Borders visit to West Africa, has tested positive for Ebola. Before being admitted into the hospital he was bowling at at a Brooklyn bowling alley. Officials are trying to track down anyone who he came in contact with.

Tom Sunic -- Escalating State Oppression NPI Conference Banned in Hungary

Red Ice Radio Tom Sunic Escalating State Oppression NPI Conference Banned in Hungary

 Tom Sunic (Tomislav Sunic) is an author, translator, former Croatian diplomat and a former US professor of political science. Mr. Sunic has published books, essays and newspaper articles in French, German, English and Croatian on subjects of cultural pessimism, politics, metapolitics and European identity. He joins us to discuss the banning of the National Policy Institute (NPI), conference in Hungary by the Hungarian government. NPI is an independent think-tank and publishing firm dedicated to the heritage, identity, and future of European people in the United States and around the world. Based in the US, NPI hosts a number of events inviting top notch scholars and academics for the purpose of debate but the western establishment has labeled these scholars racists and extremists. Minister Sandor Pinter ordered that the scheduled speakers of the conference may not enter or stay in Hungary. Officials at the planned venue for the conference, cancelled reservations and the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced that the government would use “all legal means” to prevent the gathering. When conference attendees informally gathered at a restaurant, the president of NPI, Richard Spencer was arrested in Budapest as Hungary’s government stepped up its attempts to disrupt a gathering of nationalists, traditionalists and identitarians. Around 60 police officers in a dozen police vehicles converged on the Clock House Cafe in Buda late on Friday evening and took the names and passport numbers of everyone in attendance. Tom shares the events as he witnessed. What does this say about the European Union when debate at an academic level is labeled hate speech and banned, when scholars with opposing views are called criminals? Who decides what is freedom of speech and what is hate speech? It is hard to imagine a left-wing conference of any stamp being forcibly cancelled by a government. The banning of the NPI’s congress marks an escalation in state oppression. Tom shares his thoughts on the matter.

The Collapse Of America & Mediumship -- Coast To Coast AM - October 22, 2014

Coast To Coast AM - October 22, 2014 Collapse Of America & Mediumship

Date: 10-22-14
Host: George Noory
Guests: Alex Jones, Julie Beischel

Documentary filmmaker and alternative media activist Alex Jones is passionate about exposing the forces controlling world events and undermining our personal freedoms. In the first half, he discussed some of the volatile issues unfolding worldwide including the Ebola epidemic, as well as delved into conspiracies around 9-11. A new report predicts total collapse of America by 2025, he revealed, noting that "large financial interests...who are basically vulture capitalists, want a worldwide collapse because they control the government responses to those crises, and will use those crises to finally bring in this authoritarian world government. But if we're aware of this plan...they won't be able to carry it out."

Amongst the public, there is now a total loss of trust in establishment media, and the entire political system has lost credibility, Jones remarked. "No amount of armored vehicles, no amount of surveillance, no amount of warrantless wiretapping...will ever continue the system," he asserted. It's too simple to say that the US is behind the Ebola epidemic, but rather it's criminal elements-- globalists who manipulate governments, and have admitted that they developed airborne weaponized Ebola, that seek to reduce the world's population, he added.


In the latter half, Dr. Julie Beischel, co-founder and Director of Research at the Windbridge Institute for Applied Research in Human Potential talked about mediumship and the survival of consciousness. She approached her research from the perspective of a scientist (she received her doctorate in Pharmacology and Toxicology from the University of Arizona) and tested a group of mediums under eight screenings and training steps, regarding their accuracy and specificity in reporting information about the deceased. The stringent testing, with five levels of blinding, was done in a way to rule out fraud and cold readings, Beischel explained.

Windbridge certified 18 mediums (who volunteered to participate in the research) as being accurate around 50% of the time in regards to the deceased subjects. Interestingly, Beischel concluded that telephone readings can actually be better than in-person ones, because the medium will not be as affected by the sitter's grief, and is able to more readily tune out interference variables. Also a higher price or fee for a medium does not necessarily mean a better reading, she noted.

News segment guests: John Lott, Capt. Kelly Sweeney


9-11: Descent into Tryanny
Among Mediums: A Scientist's Quest for Answers
From the Mouths of Mediums Vol. 1
Meaningful Messages: Making the Most of Your Mediumship Reading

The Plan for World Government | Irvin Baxter

The Bible prophesies a time in which government and religion will walk hand and hand in an attempt to control the people of the world. Today, we’ll take a look at how the world’s political and religious leaders plan to achieve this goal. It’s time for Politics and Religion!

The Alex Jones Show(Commercial Free VIDEO) Thursday October 23 2014: Dr James Lawrenzi, Harry Dent

On this Thursday, October 23 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the latest insanity from the climate change crowd as the Australian government funds a play centered on the murder of so-called deniers. Alex also examines the GOP votes flipped to Democrat and the supposed terror attack in Canada yesterday and how it is a staged Gladio event. On today's broadcast Alex talks with author and financial newsletter writer Harry Dent about the imperiled economy as it teeters on the edge of ruin. Mr. Dent is the author of The Demographic Cliff: How to Survive and Prosper During the Great Deflation of 2014-2019 and The Great Depression Ahead: How to Prosper in the Crash Following the Greatest Boom in History.

Canadian Parliament Staged Shooting ?

New evidence raises the question... was the Canadian Parliament Shooting Staged?

U.S. Government SECRETLY Preventing a Stock Market Collapse!

In 1989, the President's Working Group on Financial Markets was setup. This "Plunge Protection Team" is what keeps the market going. Additionally, there are also the incentive programs for foreign central banks to buy up the shares at a nice discount! It seems that the globalists and bankers are getting the great deals and all we get is the iron fist of a TYRANNICAL government. We will face hardship in the future, all caused by a system that has been calculated to do so. We're VICTIMS.

U.S. Stocks Surge; Nasdaq Up 2.4% All the Markets Need Is $200 Billion a Quarter From the Central Bankers the Plunge Protection Team. Or call it the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, the official name given to the group when it was formed by President Ronald Reagan after the market turbulence of 1989. Executive Order 12631--Working Group on Financial Markets Doomsday Book McDonald's Profit Down 30% On Sales Slump Coca-Cola Profit Declines 14%, Future Growth Plan Fails To Impress

Ralph Nader | Jesse Ventura Off The Grid - Ora TV

In the second part of his illuminating conversation with Jesse, Ralph Nader explains how America's two party tyranny system does everything to stifle competitive democracy, ripping away choice and blocking opposition from challengers outside the left/right paradigm.

The Walls Of Jericho Are Fallen [10/21/2014]

Outside The Box With Kate Of Gaia - The Walls Of Jericho Are Fallen [10/21/2014]

Outside The Box With Kate Of Gaia on Critical Mass Radio recorded on October 21, 2014
The Walls Of Jericho Are Fallen

"NAME: The master key to the entire system’s/CROWN CORPORATION’S game. The NAME is the lynch pin to the entire legal/control construct. Without a LEGAL NAME, which is your consent by agreeing to be said NAME, the system vampires cannot literally feed on your life blood/creation source energy that is typically shown in the physical materials we collect. It is only the CONSENT to be/use/have a LEGAL NAME/Mark of the Beast that is required for your absolute spiritual contract/deal with the devil motif to be in FULL FORCE AND EFFECT with you as a SLAVE and them as MASTER. For PROOF of this, look and see how much of your life/existence involves a LEGAL NAME and you will see the measure of control the system has over you."

"We are clearing this reality of these parasites exponentially now where universal law reigns supreme where none shall or can trespass. They are masters of deception so do not let your loving compassion be used against you, something that has been their most powerful tools. The bio-borg entities are already lifeless and are dependent only on being able to suck the life out of you but, like every vampire, they cannot enter your reality without an invitation. Every use of the legal NAME is the only invitation they need so best cut your ties and consent with that. Just get this concept and you have already cut the puppet strings and your causal ability returns instantly in relation to your ability to be responsible with that ultimate of powers.
To the “walking dead” (and you know what you are) , your time is over, your deceptions are powerless and now moment by now moment, you are being erased from consciousness for the invading parasites you are. We, of the living soul, are awake, aware and reclaiming our reality where yours never existed. In short, yes, you are doomed. Have a nice day!"
- Babylon Is Fallen (Excerpt)

"Kate Of Gaia is a two spirit Gemini dragon, radio show host, researcher and investigative journalist digging deep into the illusions of this reality. She has spent her life thus far in a full learning capacity with stages as a singer songwriter, writer, poet, diver, pilot, etc with the last many years spent exposing the lies within religions, politics, legal land etc.
She chooses to encompass as many aspects of this reality as possible to get the broadest perspective that she can."
"Kate hosts an Open Forum style radio show called 'Outside The Box'
where thoughts and ideas are shared, on any given topic or subject that is the flavour of the moment.
Kate now refers to her shows as 'episodes' and also likes to think of them as
'nightly gatherings' .
Broadcasting 7 nights a week at
7pm-9pm EST/Midnight-2am GMT
all 'episodes' are geared for the listeners to really get involved so that they are the guest speakers.
So join and share with Kate by tuning-in and calling-in.
You are always welcome.
You can listen to Kate live on air, and find the archived recordings of all her previous broadcasts here: "

URGENT! Doctor Says Ebola Patients Being "DISAPPEARED" & Staff Not Allowed To Say "EBOLA"

Whistleblower Dr James Lawrenzi, explains how there are patients going missing with ebola symptoms, staff being told its malaria, hazmat equipment being taken away from nursing staff & something strange about how the authorities are acting over this Ebola threat.

WARNING -- Ebola toll near 5,000 true number nearer 15,000
At least 4,877 people have died in the world's worst recorded outbreak of Ebola, and at least 9,936 cases of the disease had been recorded as of October 19, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday, but the true toll may be three times as much. The WHO has said real numbers of cases are believed to be much higher than reported: by a factor of 1.5 in Guinea, 2 in Sierra Leone and 2.5 in Liberia, while the death rate is thought to be about 70% of all cases. That would suggest a toll of almost 15,000. Liberia has been worst hit, with 4,665 recorded cases and 2,705 deaths, followed by Sierra Leone with 3,706 cases and 1,259 deaths. Guinea, where the outbreak originated, has had 1,540 cases and 904 deaths. On Friday the WHO put the toll about 300 lower with more than 745 fewer cases.

Webster Tarpley -- The day Stock Market tumble

10/10/2014 - Tarpley Discusses the Stock Market on INN Radio : October 10, 2014 - Webster Tarpley talks to Tom Kiley about that day's stock market tumble.

Webster TarpleyHistorian and President of Washington Grove Institute, a think tank in Washington D.C, Webster Tarpley, discussed the conspiratorial mindset, and shared his intriguing analysis of current geopolitical and historical situations. More and more people are turning toward conspiracies because the "official story" behind such events as 9-11 and the JFK assassination are unbelievable or fantastic, he said. Tarpley doesn't consider himself a conspiracy theorist, but a seeker of truth, though he admitted that the uncovering of facts in many instances often does point to conspiracies. We live in an oligarchy run by financiers, and they often do conspire together for shared goals, he noted, adding that they compose a shadow government that secretly rules the US, intersecting with people at the State Dept., the CIA, and perhaps the Treasury and the Federal Reserve.

Tarpley spoke about his forthcoming book about Pearl Harbor and the assassination of FDR. We're told a lot of fakery about Roosevelt like he provoked Japan, and that he kept his Naval Admirals in the dark, but the opposite was true, he said. Further, a group of Wall St. Republicans that FDR put in control of the Pentagon wanted a defeat to weaken FDR in the postwar world, and Churchill knew the time and place of the Pearl Harbor attack but kept quiet in order to draw the US into the war, he continued. Roosevelt was poisoned by a female Russian painter in April 1945, Tarpley claimed, and Stalin reportedly told FDR's son "your father was poisoned/murdered by the Churchill gang."

Tarpley also commented on current situations in France, China, and Russia, as well as Syria and Libya, two countries that he visited during recent turmoils. America can get out of its economic woes by seizing control of the Federal Reserve, and stop using it to give 0% loans to bankers and financial interests, and instead give these loans with a hundred year maturity to the states, who could then start massive infrastructure rebuilding projects, he argued.
Webster Griffin Tarpley is a philosopher of history who seeks to provide the programs and strategies needed to overcome the current world crisis. As an activist historian he first became widely known for his book George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), a masterpiece of research which is still a must read. Tarpley is a member of the "world anti-imperialist conference" Axis for Peace, of Scholars for 9/11 Truth and of a research Netzwerk of German 9/11 authors founded in September 2006. He is featured in the film, Zero: an investigation into 9/11 During 2008, he warned of the dangers of an Obama presidency controlled by Wall Street with Obama: The Postmodern Coup, The Making of a Manchurian Candidate and Barack H. Obama: The Unauthorized Biography. His interest in economics is reflected in Surviving the Cataclysm: Your Guide Through the Worst Financial Crisis in Human HistoryAgainst Oligarchy. He is currently completing a study of Pearl Harbor as an episode in Wall Street's war against President Franklin D. Roosevelt, the New Deal, and FDR's economic bill of rights. His books have appeared in Japanese, German, Italian, French, and Spanish. From 1974 to 1984, he was a correspondent in central Europe, during which time he co-authored Chi ha ucciso Aldo Moro (Who Killed Aldo Moro, 1978) a study of international terrorism. In 1979-80, he appeared as commentator for Teleradiosole, a television station in Rome. From 1984 to 1996, he was a correspondent in Washington DC. Tarpley is the co-author of George Bush: The Unauthorized Biography (1992), which has sold 30,000 copies and remains the only critical biography of the former President. In 1997 he published an anthology entitled Against Oligarchy: Essays and Speeches 1970-1996. These books can be consulted on the internet at His 9/11 Synthetic Terror, the Bible of the 9/11 Truth Movement, has sold over 20,000 copies. His two books on Obama are virtually the only critical ones in print from a progressive viewpoint. Tarpley has lectured in numerous colleges and universities around the world. In 1995 he was named a consultant to the Universal Ecological Academy of Moscow. He holds an MA from Skidmore College and a Ph.D. in history from the Catholic University of America. Webster Tarpley's talk show World Crisis Radio is now broadcast on the Genesis World Report on GCNLive Free Internet Streaming Radio, Saturdays, 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm Eastern (1-3 Central, 11-1 Pacific), all 4 networks.

"4,877 Deaths Ebola May Be 3 Times Higher" USA Hospitals May Turn Ebola Sick Away

At least 4,877 people have died in the world’s worst recorded outbreak of Ebola as of Oct. 19, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Wednesday, but the true toll may be three times as much. At least 9,936 cases of the disease had been recorded, according to the WHO, but the actual numbers may be three times higher. The WHO has said real numbers of cases are believed to be much higher than reported: by a factor of 1.5 in Guinea, 2 in Sierra Leone and 2.5 in Liberia, while the death rate is thought to be about 70 percent of all cases. That would suggest a toll of almost 15,000.

Gerald Celente on ISIS Ebola and The Elections - October 21, 2014

Gerald Celente - National Intel Report - October 21, 2014 , Gerald talks with John Stadtmiller on the upcoming fall edition of the Trends Journal and the latest trends and news anyalysis

Gerald Celente is One of the best-known futurists in the country is Gerald Celente. He is the founder of the Trends Research Institute. He is also the best-selling author of Trends 2000 and Trend Tracking. He has appeared on several of the largest media outlets in the world, offering his predictions for the future. His forecasts have often proved to be highly accurate.

 Gerald Celente
The Trends Research Institute The Martial Artist of Trend Forecasting —The purpose of trend forecasting is to provide insights and directions in anticipation of what the future may bring – and to be prepared for the unexpected.
Gerald Celente, a Close Combat practitioner and black belt trainer, well understands the importance of proacting rather than reacting: "The first rule of Close Combat is to attack the attacker. Action is faster than reaction. The same holds true for the future. You know the future is coming … attack it before it attacks you."

Founder of The Trends Research Institute in 1980, Gerald Celente is a pioneer trend strategist. He is author of the national bestseller Trends 2000 and Trend Tracking (Warner Books) – "Far better than Megatrends," and publisher of the internationally circulated Trends Journal newsletter.
Political Atheist — Gerald Celente is a political atheist. Unencumbered by political dogma, rigid ideology or conventional wisdom, Celente, whose motto is "think for yourself," observes and analyzes the current events forming future trends for what they are – not for the way he wants them to be.

Like a doctor giving a diagnosis after gathering the facts, whether or not you like the prognosis doesn’t alter the outcome, make him an optimist or pessimist – it’s simply what is. And while Celente holds a US passport, he considers himself a citizen of the world. Globalnomic® Trend Forecaster — Using his unique perspectives on current events forming future trends, Gerald Celente developed the Globalnomic® methodology which is used to identify, track, forecast and manage trends.
The world's only trends analyst covering 300 diversified trends fields, Gerald Celente and the Trends Research Institute provide trend research studies and consulting services to businesses and governments worldwide. Celente also designed the nation’s first professional course in trend forecasting.
Gerald Celente
Gerald Celente
The proof is in his past — Gerald Celente has earned his reputation as "The most trusted name in trends" by accurately forecasting hundreds of social, business, consumer, environmental, economic, political, entertainment, and technology trends. Among them: Celente coined the term "clean foods" in 1993 and predicted sustained growth in organic products in 1988.
When gold was at $275 per ounce in 2002, Celente said the price had bottomed and in 2004 forecast the beginning of the "Gold Bull Run." Since that time, with pinpoint accuracy, he said when, why - and how high - gold would go

Canada False Flag : Authorities admit Gunman Was Mentally Disturbed

The man who stormed Canada’s government complex Wednesday, killing a soldier and sending Ottawa into an all-out panic, was a small-time criminal who recently converted to Islam and desperately wanted to move to the Middle East, according to reports. Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the 32-year-old whose morning raid on Parliament Hill ended when a sergeant-at-arms gunned him down as he was unleashing a fusillade of bullets in the halls of Canada’s federal government, had recently undergone a religious awakening that left at least one friend alarmed, the Globe and Mail reported.

What's more toxic to America: Ebola or Obama? -- Wayne Root

Ebola is a worry about a potential problem. No one knows yet how much damage Ebola can do to America. On the other hand, we have already experienced the damage, destruction and pain of Barack Obama.

Andrew Gause -- Ebola and the US Military Action in Liberia

October 22, 2014... Currency historian Andrew Gause discusses Ebola and the US military action in Liberia. Hear more from Andrew on Patrick Timpone's radio show on One Radio Network every Wednesday on Andy's 2-hour segment entitled "The Real World of Money".

Wild West Outlaws: The Man Who Tried to Kill Al Capone - Alcatraz Island

Many feared Al Capone, because he was a gangster and was suspected of murdering those who got in his way, but they don't know the whole story! One man in prison told Al Capone to go to the end of the line and Capone did so! His name was Jimmy 'Tex' Lucas and he was nobody to mess around with. This is the tale of Jimmy Lucas and his attempt to kill Capone, in the prison showers

Ebola Bioweapon: FIRST LOOK

Clip from our interview with Dr. Meryl Nass examining Ebola as a Bioweapon

Ebola: The world's most dangerous Virus

Viruses are supposed to be the biological weapons of the future.They are everywhere. Millions of viruses around us, interact, invade. Virus able to evolve, change your environment, jump from one species to another. Scientists continue its track. Looking hiding in nature, in animals that viruses use to travel from one place to another planet ... but not always find them.

In recent decades there have been many diseases that so far only affected animals. These diseases, caused by very aggressive virus, appear with high frequency in Africa, and requires a high financial contribution in order to eradicate them. Marburg virus, influenza, dengue, yellow fever, Ebola virus, human immunodeficiency virus, Epstein-Barr...

To find answers we enter for the first time in the High Security Center Biological where the most dangerous viruses in history and the emerging service. And the World Health Organization explains how he manages to monitor the emergence of new viruses and diseases in any country.

Canada's Coming Police State

The second attack this week inside Canada raises serious questions about the real threat of terrorism in this once quiet country. The only answer, of course, will be to ramp up police state efforts in order to protect the freedoms enjoyed by Canadians


Satan & his Demons are ready to make their move...
Aside from Satan himself, obama is the biggest lying fraud humanity has ever had to contend with
America, wake up. NWO is now being established in our homeland.

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