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EBOLA : Minister Claims U.S. Scientists Created Race-Based Bioweapons

Minister Claims U.S. Scientists Created Race-Based Bioweapons to commit genocide against the black race.

EBOLA : Minister Louis Farrakhan Claims Vaccines Responsible

Minister Louis Farrakhan claims vaccines are responsible for the devastating outbreak of Ebola, and suggest that western evil forces are responsible for this on-going act of deliberate genocide. The U.S. owns several patents on Ebola and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation along with Monsanto have financed a GMO vaccine to profit from it.

Italy Starts Movement To Leave The European Monetary Union

Italy building momentum to leave the Euro. The oil crash created by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia trying to destroy Russia's economy. Obamacare plans increasing in cost. Senegal and Nigeria are now Ebola free. FDA blocking Ebola testing equipment already in existence. EU will not recognize elections in Southeast Ukraine. U.S. no placing sanctions on Libya to stop the people taking back their country. Humanitarian aid going to Islamic State not the people of Syria. Islamic State now forming an air force using planes, helicopters from the bases in Syria. Khorisan still a major threat to U.S. Be prepared for a false flag.

Was Ebola Man Made?

The alarm is rising on the spread of the Ebola virus. Statistics, though not clear say at least 3,500 people have died from what they think is Ebola in 2014. The majority of cases have taken place in West Africa, mainly in Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leon. However the first fatality has now taken place in the United States of a Liberian national recently arriving in the US. Many questions are being asked from if this disease is man made to whether it is being used as an excuse by the United States to control more African resources? This after US president Barack Obama declared war on Ebola, but instead of ordering health professionals to Africa, he has ordered the deployment of thousands of military troops.

White House Ebola genocide plan on schedule but over budget

3 Ways Obama’s New Ebola Czar Is Like His Old Ebola Czar On October 17, President Obama named Democratic political operative Ron Klain to be the Ebola Response Coordinator.

Why is the CDC revising protocols? Didn't they previously say that if the old protocols were followed, it would be impossible to contract ebola? Why change something that, by their words, was so perfect?

Kobani is Just a Diversion Baghdad is the Real Goal

Col. Oliver North says that Kobani is just a diversion - Baghdad is the real target.

Is the Bilderberg Group Behind Ebola?

Produced, written, and edited by Kris Zane. Narrated by Tom Hinchey

Italy May Dump Euro

A referendum has been proposed by Italian politician Beppe Grillo to remove Italy from the Euro and return it to the Italian Lira.

Max Igan Decoding the Control Grid

Max Igan is a radio talk show host, researcher, artist, musician, philosopher, free thinker, champion for the truth, and a true renaissance man. Max is the man behind the website, which is filled with great information for those seeking the truth.

The world is in a messed up state, a lot of which can be traced to the money system. We need to cancel all debt right now. The monetary system has created shortage in the world and created the dog-eat-dog, psychopathic mentality that modern society now has. We don’t need a dishonest system that knowingly enslaves us to a corrupt system.

The New World Order is already here. We need an absolute change, but we don’t need a global government. We need a group of elders, unity amongst people, administrators who will look after the infrastructure. We need a global awakening – to see the power people have within themselves to effect change. We are being shepherded into a place where we shouldn’t be. We need to address this money supply – the most important factor of control that’s in place, and the interest on money.

Every country George Bush mentioned as the axis of evil countries had no central bank. The war on terror is about installing a central bank in each of those countries. It’s about enslaving people to debt – economic hit men. We need to wake up to it; to stand up to it.

Lead by example, be the change you want to see…you empower those you come across and they start to look into things themselves. Truth isn’t told, it’s realized.

Unity is the answer to everything. All the problems we face are symptoms of the divided state of human consciousness..

Alex Jones Show: Monday (10-20-14) Wayne Madsen

On this Monday, October 20 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the militarization of the domestic U.S. response to Ebola and the White House sabotage of an Infowars petition calling for a general strike if Obama and the federal government continue to allow flights to enter the United States from West Africa. Alex talks with investigative journalist, author and columnist Wayne Madsen about Ebola and recent revelations about the NSA and the surveillance grid.

Putin vs. Obama: Who's Dominating The Colder War? New Book from Marin Katusa

The Colder War: How the Global Energy Trade Slipped from Americas Grasp, by Marin Katusa.

The Seven Sins Of Obama- 1. The Rot From Within

One cannot deny the similarities of the collapse of the Roman and American Empires. Individuals need to protect themselves from this collective fate by getting their fiat, intangible wealth out of the rigged and now doomed system and into real tangible assets like silver.

Pepe Escobar : Saudi Arabia behind Oil Prices Drop

Asia Times correspondent Pepe Escobar says Saudi Arabia has unleashed an economic war against selected oil producers and this strategy masks the House of Saudi’s real agenda.

Turkey supporting ISIS & fighting against Kurds

Michelle Allison, Women's Representative of the Kurdish National Congress, talks to Going Underground host Afshin Rattansi about the role of Turkey and the Kurds in the fight against ISIS. She says that whilst NATO expects Turkey to join in the war against ISIS, they are reluctant to do so, and are attacking Kurds instead. With flags of Abdullah Öcalan, the founder of the PKK, flying in demonstrations in Parliament Square, she explains there is a fight for equal rights for Kurds in Turkey, but any time they demand more rights, the response is ‘brutality’. Turkey tries to demonise them, but she points to Kobanê, where they are ‘watching the massacre happening’ and hopes this could lead to a change from the West regarding Turkey’s attitude towards them. She says Turkey is ‘supporting ISIS’, with the Prime Minister unable to even say they were a terrorist organisation for a long time. Most of the Kurdish people are after a secular, democratic establishment in the region, but all Turkey wants is to continue showing them to the world as the enemy. And she says that Kurds fighting ISIS are helping all the communities in Syria, showing the truth behind the two-sided policy in Turkey.

PROPHECY UPDATE: Turkey Bombs The Kurds In Iraq
Turkish jets bomb Kurdish PKK rebels near Iraq . Turkish F-16 and F-4 warplanes have bombed Kurdish PKK rebel targets near the Iraqi border, as their ceasefire comes under increasing strain. The air strikes on Daglica were in response to PKK shelling of a military outpost, the armed forces said. Both sides have been observing a truce and it is the first major air raid on the PKK since March 2013.

Ebola : The Perfect Storm

Particularly troubling is the US refusal to mobilize and deploy hospital ships to the coast of West Africa at the same time that the EU and NATO are completely lacking in deployable capability. We will not be surprised if a Cuban medical brigade shows up with financial support from the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa). A portion of this incompetence may stem for a desire to pass tough quarantine powers easily abused in the future. Ebola is airborne in some form (proven with animals), and survives outside the host under some conditions such as cold. A 21-day quarentine may not be enough. 85% of our nurses have not been trained and CDC continues to lies about necessary protection. [N-95 mask is good for .3 microns and above; Ebola is .08 microns]. Panic emergent — threat is over-hyped in USA but made worse by CDC malfeasance, it will hit Third World hardest. WHO Africa is incompetent to the point that some call for an emergency international task force (sending US troops is ill-considered — Hagel is as incompetent as Kerry — we are reminded of prior idiocy in sending 20,000 troops with their logistics needs into Haiti).
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