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Breaking News USA deployed military Ebola in Africa serious health risks October 19 2014

October 19 2014 Breaking News The USA deployed military Ebola in Africa serious health risks American troops will encounter in heading to the epicenter of the deadly outbreak'

15 Ways Our World Could Be Destroyed

From the nuclear devastation of angry politicians to alien invasions coming out of the sky to take all our stuff, we count 15 of the deadliest, still-possible ways the world may end

John Bertucci - Fukushima is Here

Fukushima Response Campaign's Co-Founder John Bertucci gave this talk on citizen-based radiation monitoring as part of the 'Fukushima to Solartopia' program August 12, 2014. Cultural Potholes Institute and EON - the Ecological Options Network teamed up to present an upbeat program on challenges and opportunities to a standing-room-only audience in Pt. Reyes, California.

THE EBOLA AGENDA -- Dr. Mark Sircus

Dr. Mark Sircus, founder of joins me to discuss ebola and the madness of the way the US government has handled the situation so far. "It's the end of the world if you read the press," says Dr. Sircus. The fact of the matter is, we don't know what to believe because in 2013 the US government gave itself permission to use PROPAGANDA (Psy Ops) against the American people. Dr. Sircus says, "We know they are lying. Is it a 100% lie? Is it a 50% lie? We know it's always a lie and they're never telling the total truth. So it's difficult and they create stress and confusion and that's part of the problem. But in terms of ANY virus coming to get you, It's like a wake up call. You better start taking care of yourself NOW." Dr. Sircus and I discuss the realities of what we are facing and the practical steps you can take to protect yourself and your family from viruses of all types.

Alex Jones Show: Sunday (10-19-14) Robert David Steele

Incompetence and apathy combine in the Obama administration's Ebola response, and Alex breaks it all down on this Sunday, October 19 edition of the Alex Jones Show. Infowars is calling for a general strike across the U.S. in response to the Obama administration’s tepid response to Ebola. For one thing, Obama golfed for nearly five hours on Saturday before having a meeting to discuss the Ebola pandemic in America, which wasn't even attended by his new "Ebola Czar," Ron Klain, who's a Democratic operative with no medical experience. Klain was simply appointed to funnel million dollar deals to select insiders "aiding" in the Ebola response. Former CIA insider Robert David Steele joins the show to reveal the true extent of the Obama administration's incompetence, including the decision to send U.S. troops to Ebola-struck West Africa instead of deploying hospital ships off the African coast.

Paul Craig Roberts -- The FED in Panic Mode, Gold Rallies Dollar Sinking

Paul Craig Roberts -- Fed Afraid Rising Gold will Sink Dollar

Economist Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says, “The reason they want to hold the gold price down is they are afraid of its impact on the dollar. The reason why they had to suppress the gold price is they had to protect the dollar from quantitative easing (QE) because they were printing trillions and trillions of new dollars.” Roberts, who was an Assistant Treasury Secretary and the so-called Father of Reaganomics, goes on to say, “This was worrying people around the world who hold dollars because the dollar was increasing, but not the goods and services in the American economy. So, when the gold price took off, the Fed said this endangers QE because if the dollar is declining in value relative to gold, it must also be declining in value relative to other currencies. Once the exchange rate starts collapsing, we lose control. So, we got to suppress gold. I don’t know which side of the equation will play out first. I don’t know if they will run out of gold to deliver to India and China or people will say this is a rigged scheme and we are just not participating anymore.”

Signs In The Heavens -- Giant comet to pass Mars for the first time in a million years

Giant comet to pass Mars for the first time in a million years , A comet on a once-in-a-million-years journey will graze the atmosphere of Mars, astronomically speaking, this Sunday. This historic game of cosmic chicken on October 19 will be documented by more than a dozen spacecraft, including Mars orbiters in the neighborhood that must then "duck and cover" behind the Red Planet to avoid damage from the comet's coma of debris.

BREAKING: 153 People Monitored In Ohio For Ebola
FOX19 - The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) announced Sunday that 153 people are being monitored after having contact with the Dallas nurse who visited Northeast Ohio last week while showing symptoms of Ebola. Of those 153 people, three are under quarantine. According to the ODH, people are placed into different tiers based on their risk-level. People under quarantine are considered to be a tier one risk. Those people have enforced restrictions on movement and travel, they take their temperature twice daily, they have contact with public health officials and they are not allowed to travel commercially.

Klayman Files For Deportation of Barack Obama

Larry Klayman is the type of lawyer who might get the job done, finally and we could see this puppet, without proper papers, who is living in the White House, gone, sent back to Kenya, where he was born

Feminism: Unequal Opportunity Nagging

"Feminism is literally defined as the idea that men and women are equal, and yet no facet of feminist media ever actually provides any logical backing to this claim. This does not mean it isn't true, but they aren't justifying it at all. It would would be like having an atheist movement filled with people who didn't give any reason for why there is no God. What are your thoughts on this criticism?"

Ebola Hoax: 100% REVEALED! CNN + NYT caught using CRISIS ACTORS! MUST SEE

Duncan is a CIA spy who was selected because he has relatives in TX. He was brought here and told he would be cured. He started the spread and was then assinated by his handlers to remove all trace of the false flag. Now more people have it, people on the plane spread and thhe plane has travelled accross the country for weeks. Bottom line it will be used to throw the elections in conservative states such as TX, FL, OH and others. Look at the FLIGHT ROUTES of the plane. TX, OH, FL, GA, all red or purple states which MUST be won to keeep the Senate. Guy walks into the poll center, barfs some fake chicken veggie soup, Dem poll workers close the poll, send the people to vote in other precints, media pick up wandering zombies infected with Ebola and everyone goes home DEMS WIN. WATCH!

Pentagon Warns ISIS could use Ebola

FBI director, James Comey, recently said at a press conference that ISIS can't use Ebola as a WMD, but he clearly didn't check with the Pentagon's lead chemical weapons specialist, Andrew Weber. Because he recently said that, in fact, YES, there of course is a possibility that ISIS could weaponize Ebola. Now, since Ebola isn't airborne, the likelihood of Ebola being used on a mass scale remains small. But with more cases popping up in the US, at this point, it's time for people to take Ebola a little more seriously. The Resident discusses.

German intel says it has proof MH17 downed by self-defense forces

Germany says it has evidence proving it was anti-government forces in Eastern Ukraine responsible for shooting down the Malaysian airliner in July, killing almost 300 people.

Bill Still -- Cheap Oil - Not "Peak" Oil

Saudis have reversed their position. What does this mean for gas prices?

Ebola Crisis : The Undocumented Pandemic

 Ebola : Inside the Deadly Outbreak.
ABC News’ Dr. Richard Besser travels into the hot zone – where thousands of Africans are dying of Ebola, and doctors risk their own lives to save them. Interviews with those on the front lines, and an American survivor, weave together an incredible story

Ebola: Inside the Deadly Outbreak

Ebola nearly killed Nancy Writebol in July—and it also made her famous, which helped broadcast to the world that it needed to respond more aggressively to what had grown from a small outbreak into an out-of-control epidemic. Writebol, a clinical nurse associate, became ill with the disease while working for the missionary group SIM in Monrovia. She and her husband David spoke with Science on 24 September about a topic that has yet to receive much attention: How do health care workers who are trained to protect themselves nevertheless become infected with the Ebola virus? The Writebols also discuss how the outbreak grew into an epidemic.


Is there something we are not being told? Is it by pure chance & coincidence that the Simpsons would do predictive programming? There has been numerous predictions from The Simpsons which revealed futuristic events which came to pass. What of the Ebola recurrence in 2014? Is it planned or is it just by natural means? Ebola was not in the 90's, but it happened long ago in the mid 70's... But The Simpsons reveal in late 90's Ebola virus... Interesting right?

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