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Wayne Madsen : ISIS Are Pawns To Justify Military Intervention In The Middle East

Paul Joseph Watson talks with NSA Whistleblower Wayne Madsen about ISIS and what their true purpose is and who they really are.

Imperial Pax Americana

What is the health of the American empire? How does the American empire differ from all other empires in history? What factor will inevitably be the collapse of the American empire? Is it supporting policies that actually play against US interests? CrossTalking with Eric Draitser, Bruce Fein and Vassilis Fouskas.

American Empire | The Rise of ISIS / ISIL In Iraq [SPECIAL REPORT

A quick overview of ISIS/ISIL and its beginnings in this special report. Learn more about American Empire at As The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS/ISIL) descend from Syria into the heart of Iraq, Avi Oren and American Empire take a look at the cause and effect of the once Al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist organization in this special report. Who is ISIS? What is their ultimate goal and who is supporting the terrorist organization? Did the U.S. invasion of Iraq contribute to the rise of ISIS? How does the Syrian civil war impact the region and how do other Islamic groups view ISIS/ISIL?

The Alex Jones Show(Commercial Free VIDEO) Monday October 13 2014: Ebola News, Wayne Madsen

On the Tuesday, July 15 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down CNBC commentator Rick Santelli's latest rant slamming the Federal Reserve's QE schemes as detrimental to Americans. Jones also looks at evidence suggesting the US government manipulated his Wikipedia entry to smear him as a "Kremlin disinformation agent," and continues examining the border crisis and the heated conflict between Israel and Gaza. On today's show, author, investigative journalist and former NSA technician Wayne Madsen joins Alex to discuss the latest revelations in the Edward Snowden saga and how the NSA plans to achieve total population control, as whistleblower William Binney recently noted. Alex also invites geopolitical analyst and Syrian activist Mimi Al-Laham, AKA Syrian Girl, to talk about the ISIS agenda and how the west is using the terror group in a divide and conquer, order out of chaos fashion. We'll also speak with Infowars reporter SSG Joe Biggs about Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl's new lucrative assignment, and take your calls on this global transmission.

Did Batman Predict The Ebola Outbreak?

Conspiracy theorist are claiming an issue of Batman predicted the Ebola outbreak in the U.S.

ALERT -- Millions of Voiceprints Quietly Being Harvested

Over the telephone, in jail and online, a new digital bounty is being harvested: the human voice. Businesses and governments around the world increasingly are turning to voice biometrics, or voiceprints, to pay pensions, collect taxes, track criminals and replace passwords. "We sometimes call it the invisible biometric," said Mike Goldgof, an executive at Madrid-based AGNITiO, one of about 10 leading companies in the field. Those companies have helped enter more than 65 million voiceprints into corporate and government databases, according to Associated Press interviews with dozens of industry representatives and records requests in the United States, Europe and elsewhere. "There's a misconception that the technology we have today is only in the domain of the intelligence services, or the domain of 'Star Trek,'" said Paul Burmester, of London-based ValidSoft, a voice biometric vendor. "The technology is here today, well-proven and commonly available."

RON PAUL: Liberty, Not Government, is Key to Containing Ebola - 10/13/14

Liberty, Not Government, is Key to Containing Ebola
by Ron Paul

According to Forbes magazine, at least 5,000 Americans contacted healthcare providers fearful they had contracted Ebola after the media reported that someone with Ebola had entered the United States. All 5,000 cases turned out to be false alarms. In fact, despite all the hype about Ebola generated by the media and government officials, as of this writing there has only been one preliminarily identified case of someone contracting Ebola within the United States.

Ebola is a dangerous disease, but it is very difficult to contract. Ebola spreads via direct contact with the virus. This usually occurs though contact with bodily fluids. While the Ebola virus may remain on dry surfaces for several hours, it can be destroyed by common disinfectants. So common-sense precautions should be able to prevent Ebola from spreading.

It is no coincidence that many of those countries suffering from mass Ebola outbreaks have also suffered from the plagues of dictatorship and war. The devastation wrought by years of war has made it impossible for these countries to develop modern healthcare infrastructure. For example, the 14-year civil war in Liberia left that country with almost no trained doctors. Those who could leave the war-torn country were quick to depart. Sadly, American foreign aid props up dictators and encourages militarism in these countries.

President Obama’s response to the Ebola crisis has been to send 3,000 troops to West African countries to help with treatment and containment. Obama did not bother to seek congressional authorization for this overseas military deployment. Nor did he bother to tell the American people how long the mission would last, how much it would cost, or what section of the Constitution authorizes him to send US troops on “humanitarian” missions.

The people of Liberia and other countries would be better off if the US government left them alone. Leave it to private citizens to invest in African business and trade with the African people. Private investment and trade would help these countries develop thriving free-market economies capable of sustaining a modern healthcare infrastructure.

Legitimate concerns about protecting airline passengers from those with Ebola or other infectious diseases can best be addressed by returning responsibility for passenger safety to the airlines. After all, private airlines have a greater incentive than does government to protect their passengers from contagious diseases. They can do so while providing a safe means of travel for those seeking medical treatment in the United States. This would remove the incentive to lie about exposure to the virus among those seeking to come here for treatment.

Ebola patients in the US have received permission from the Food and Drug Administration to use “unapproved” drugs. This is a positive development. But why should those suffering from potentially lethal diseases have to seek special permission from federal bureaucrats to use treatments their physicians think might help? And does anyone doubt that the FDA’s cumbersome approval process has slowed down the development of treatments for Ebola?

Firestone Tire and Rubber Company has successfully contained the spread of Ebola among 80,000 people living in Harbel, the Liberian town housing employees of Firestone's Liberian plant and their families. In March, after the wife of a Firestone employee developed Ebola symptoms, Firestone constructed its own treatment center and implemented a program of quarantine and treatment. Firestone has successfully kept the Ebola virus from spreading among its employees. As of this writing, there are only three Ebola patients at Firestone's treatment facility.

Firestone's success in containing Ebola shows that, far from justifying new state action, the Ebola crises demonstrates that individuals acting in the free market can do a better job of containing Ebola than can governments. The Ebola crisis is also another example of how US foreign aid harms the very people we are claiming to help. Limiting government at home and abroad is the best way to protect health and freedom.

Ebola - What You're Not Being Told - Dr. Bill Deagle

Jeff Rense & Dr. Bill Deagle - Ebola...What You're Not Being Told

Yes, it is transmitted through air, but only for pigs... the human version of the virus attacks the liver, not the lungs like with pigs.. Why are you trying to scare people? If everybody believes in something, they are directing energy towards that outcome. That's exactly how the system works. Why is it so hard for people to think positively? Because THE MEDIA's job is to fill our minds only with negative and pessimistic information.

Obama Using Military as Ebola Guinea Pigs

Several dozen U.S. troops could come into contact with Ebola while testing for the deadly disease in Liberia, the Pentagon said Tuesday. The highly trained troops will help operate seven mobile labs, where they could be working with the blood of infected patients, Army Gen. David Rodriguez said. The new details on the military’s response to Ebola reveals a riskier operation than previously announced by the White House, surfacing fresh concerns of troops entering high-risk zones

US Wars a Gift to Capitalism

American political commentator Daniel Patrick Welch says US wars are a gift to capitalism for maintaining Washington’s global Ponzi scheme.

“This war is the gift that keeps on giving in capitalism for maintaining this global Ponzi scheme where you have this pyramid with a few people at the top being super, super rich and there are massive humanity at the bottom who are basically starving,” he said in a phone interview with Press TV on Saturday.

“War has to have an enemy, so you have to be able to label people and tell the commoners ‘who is who’, and who is the person they shouldn’t trust and should fear, so that we can keep funding these wars,” he added.

“Those are the looters, those are the terrorists, those are the rioters, the bad people, and therefore we need to take your money and buy these incredibly expensive stuff (military equipment) and drain the economy,” the analyst said.

He made the comments when asked about a deal between the Pentagon and the Afghan Air Force.

Federal auditors said on Thursday that most of the C-27 transport aircraft given to the Afghan military as part of a failed $486 million program were locally scrapped for just $32,000.

“Unfortunately, it’s completely unsurprising,” Welch said. “It’s a perfect scam.”

“It’s just the tip of the iceberg. This brings us back to hundred-dollar paper clips in the 80s and the two trillion dollars that somehow went missing, unaccounted for in the Pentagon budget, announced by Rumsfeld shortly before the September 11, attacks,” he continued.


As the false flag terror sponsor Saudi Arabia threatens the West with the claim that "ISIS Will Be Here Soon" and warns of an "imminent threat" from which the U.S. and Europe "can't hide", Gerald Celente of the Trends Journal joins us to dissect the despicable, sinister plans of the New World Order and the madness of the 'Grand Chessboard'. The pieces are all lining up to take the world directly in to World War III if the maniacs in power are not stopped.

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