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ISIS Researches Bubonic Plague Grenades -- Be Scared says your Government

ISIS is definitely interested in hitting the U.S. Could we be in for a Sept. 11th surprise?

King of Saudi Arabia Warns That 'ISIS Could Hit US' Within Months! Know Your Enemy!

The king of Saudi Arabia has warned that jihadists could target the United States and Europe if leaders across the globe do not react to growing terrorist threats as Islamic State militants make advances across Iraq and Syria.

Who Created the Ferguson Riot - David McGowan

Can protest cause perpetual war? Has Hip-Hop been created by Military Intelligence to manifest a Thug Society? Was the Ferguson Riot manufactured?

Steven Kelley -- ISIS completely fabricated enemy by US

Former CIA contractor Steven Kelley says that the ISIL terrorist group is a completely fabricated enemy created and funded by the United States.

“This is a completely fabricated enemy,” he said in a phone interview with Press TV from Anaheim, California on Thursday.

“The funding is completely from the United States and its allies and for people to think that this enemy is something that needs to be attacked in Syria or Iraq is a farce because obviously this is something that we create it, we control and only now it has become inconvenient for us to attack this group as a legitimate enemy,” Kelley added.

He made the remarks as US President Barack Obama is under pressure to seek congressional approval before expanding Washington’s military air campaign against ISIL targets from Iraq into neighboring Syria.

The Pentagon has already launched at least 100 airstrikes on ISIL positions in northern Iraq since Obama authorized the use of force against the terrorist group earlier this month.

The White House insists it does not need explicit congressional authorization for those operations because they are intended to protect American personnel and interests inside the Arab country.

White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Monday that Obama “will not hesitate to use his authority” to keep Americans safe, but added that the president was “committed to coordinating and consulting with Congress” on a decision to hit ISIL targets in Syria.

“If you want to get to the root of the problem and remove this organization, the first thing they need to do is to remove the funding and take care of entities responsible for the creation of this group,” Kelley said.

“I believe that this ISIS group would probably go away, would be easily defeated by the armies of [Syrian President] Bashar Assad,” he said.

Quest for the Lost Secrets of Ancient America Continues -- Josh Reeves

Red Ice Radio - Josh Reeves - Hour 1 - Quest for the Lost Secrets of Ancient America Continues

Josh Reeves is a Dallas, Texas-based researcher, filmmaker, musician, and radio talk show host who after years of researching government conspiracies and secret societies, has dove into the world of hidden ancient mysteries. Stemming from his ten years of research on the ancient Rockwall in the suburbs of his hometown of Dallas, Texas, Josh has released almost 6 hours worth of film in 2013 and 2014 with his Lost Secrets of Ancient America Series. Volume 3 of the series is currently in production and you can see all his films at Josh is an independent researcher who brings over 25 years of research to the table in his quest to expose the hidden truths. In this program, we discuss his second volume of Lost Secrets of Ancient America. Josh and his co-producer have driven all over America to film at some of the most spectacular structures and ancient earthworks to find a connection between them. We’ll discuss the paleo police who have taken control of the story of our origins and how anthropology has been weaponized in order to keep us in the dark about our ancient history. Finds throughout North and South America suggest a very different history then the official one. In the second hour, we speak about ancient tribes that fought over territory and traded with each other. There seems to have been a concerted effort to exterminate the giants in some areas, such as what occurred at Lovelock Cave. Josh also went close to Area 51 and speculates as to why this type of testing ground ended up so close to several ancient sites.

Henry Kissinger Admits New World Order Plan (Again) in Wall Street Journal Essay

Henry Kissinger Calls for a New World Order (Again) in Wall Street Journal Essay titled "Assembly of a New World Order." SUBSCRIBE* for more great videos! Mark Dice is a media analyst, author, and political activist who, in an entertaining and educational way, gets people to question our celebrity obsessed culture and the role the mainstream media and elite secret societies play in shaping our lives.


..Al baghdadi (leader of Isis) real name Simon Elliot Shimon is an Israeli Jew and a Mossad agent train in psychological warfare...CIA/Mossad/MI6 created and run ISIS..
People need to wake up to who are doing this propaganda for war. Its not the Christians or Muslims but the Globalists . They control the banks, media, etc. WAKE UP

Facebook is a CIA Project

This video reveals the true aim of the Facebook conspiracy: Data mining for the CIA The connection between Facebook & DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has some grotesque tentacles: the Information Awareness Office (IAO); TIA (Total Information Awareness, renamed Terrorism Information Program); and TIPS (Terrorism Information and Prevention System).

Björn Norström -- Islam vs the West: Will Sweden Survive

Red Ice Radio - Björn Norström - Hour 1 - Islam vs the West: Will Sweden Survive

Björn Norström is a Swedish journalist living in America who writes for the Swedish online magazine on issues of mass immigration and the failure of Swedish multiculturalism. Björn Norström begins the conversation discussing the difference between Sweden’s political left verses America’s left. He’ll then discuss how corporations have no allegiance to country. We’ll also talk about the long term impact upon the western world if rapid immigration continues. We discuss Sweden’s loss of a cultural anchor and the wakeup call that is inevitable. As ethnic conflict increases in Sweden, Björn Norström explains how the growing Islamic population is in direct conflict with western values. We’ll also speak about the hypocrisy of journalists who preach diversity yet live in segregated communities. In the member’s hour, we’ll begin on new laws in Sweden set to muzzle free speech. Björn Norström talks about the schizophrenic leftist Swedish mentality of loving Islam, while at the same time supporting feminists and gay rights. Incoming cultures into Sweden do not share the same values. Is it possible to uphold two opposing forces or will the other cultures impose their values more and more? Also, Björn Norström elaborates on how Sweden’s Marxist approach is systematically removing certain aspects from Swedish culture, heritage and tradition. As Europeans become a minority, we’ll discuss how this changes things from a legal perspective. Later on, Björn Norström comments on the Swedish Democrats.

UK Terror Threat Level Changed To Severe In Preparation For The False Flag Event

The US Government is pushing the economic recovery very hard at this point. Chicago PMI bounced back, GDP, consumer confidence, stock market all up. The only problem is that the people are not spending, housing is down, people can't find jobs. So the manipulated stats are losing credibility. FBI issued a report that the number one threat is domestic terrorists. Japan increases defense budget to purchase more military assets. UN unable to confirm Russian troops or military assets in Ukraine. US imposes more sanctions on Iran. UK goes on high terror alert, moves it to severe. Cyber attack and terror warning are being pushed by all corporate media outlets. Be prepared for a false flag.

George Galloway -- Solution to stopping ISIS

The ISIL terrorist group continues to commit acts of violence against the people of Iraq and Syria amid strong local and international condemnation.

After ignoring the situation for months, US President Barack Obama finally authorized the use of targeted airstrikes to prevent the advance of the ISIL Takfiri terrorists in Iraq.

Obama said that airstrikes could go on for months to protect both US personnel in Iraq and the religious minorities who are trapped by the militants on a mountain.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister David Cameron stressed that he “fully agreed” with Obama that “we should stand up for the values we believe in — the right to freedom and dignity, whatever your religious beliefs.”

Recently, Cameron’s office announced Britain’s decision to arm the Kurdish forces battling the ISIL in northern Iraq by transporting military supplies from other states.

The ISIL Takfiri militants took control of Mosul on June 10, which was followed by the takeover of Tikrit, located 140 kilometers (87 miles) northwest of the capital.

Tens of thousands of people have been displaced after their cities were captured by the ISIL militants.

Bob Baer : ISIS to spread Ebola in western Cities -- be scared

Bob Baer : ISIS to spread Ebola in western Cities -- be scared

Conveniently found by a "Good Guy" who took the laptop that was "a little dusty"and immediately turned it into the proper authorities because anyone who has ever worked with ISAF or even Afghanis knows how great they are at gathering intel. NOT. What a load of horseshit.

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