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ALERT : Yellowstone Supervolcano, Gases Rising, Melt Increasing Aug. 25

Update: Yellowstone Supervolcano Gases Rising Melt Increasing Aug. 25
Revelation 8:7 The first Angel sounded, and there followed haile, and fire mingled with blood, and they were cast vpon the earth, and the third part of trees was burnt vp, and all greene grasse was burnt vp.

City Dwellers Prep for Doomsday Escape from New York

City Dwellers Prep for Doomsday Escape from New York

SAN FRANCISCO — Quick: In the event of a zombie apocalypse, how would you make it out of New York City alive? If you're like most New Yorkers, you probably have no idea. But a small group of folks in the city are gearing up for the next doomsday scenario by prepping survival gear, planning escape routes, and training to get out of New York City — even by inflatable kayak if necessary.

Can ISIS Become a Nuclear Power?

Abdul Maulana Aziz, a follower of Taliban supreme leader Mullah Mohammad Omar who led the infamous Red Mosque rebellion in Pakistan, has declared his support for the newly formed Islamic State, led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. Pakistan is possesses Nuclear Weapons and now fears rise that ISIS may now obtain access to these Weapons to use against it's enemies.

NSA Double Agents Working for TOR?

Could government agents working for the NSA and other spy agencies secretly be assisting online privacy company Tor stay secure? That is the claim being made by the head of the company.

Tor is a virtual network and internet browser, allowing users to surf Web sites without having their browsing history tracked. The application was developed by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory. The system is utilized by the military, as well as advocacy groups.

Tor allows users to report suspected bugs in the application. Some of the suggestions made to the company required intricate knowledge of the code used to create Tor.

Andrew Lewman, executive director of Tor, believes some of these comments may be coming from double agents, working for U.S. Spy agencies.

He stated, “there are plenty of people in both organizations that can anonymously leak data to us saying ‘maybe you should look here’ or ‘maybe you should fix this.”

Lewman suggests that computer researchers working for the NSA may be upset over recent revelations of widespread spying by the agency. Although it is “only a hunch” on his part, he told the BBC the company is receiving similar reports every month.

Tor is one of the most secure systems available for Web surfers who wish to maintain their privacy while online.

The Russian government recently offered $100,000 to anyone who could break into the database maintained by the Tor network. Some bugs in the system are being recorded by private researchers, as well as public agencies. One developer was set to deliver a presentation on how to easily gather information from Tor on a budget. That speech, scheduled for a conference discussing the network, was recently canceled.

Tor operates by maintaining 6,000 internet relays in 89 countries. When a user puts in a request through the browser, that information is routed through three of these relays. The systems used constantly change, making a user appear to be located in a random area. Over 150 million people have downloaded Tor in the last year.

The Alex Jones Show(VIDEO Commercial Free) Monday August 25 2014: Joe Rogan, Stan Deyo

On the Monday, August 25 broadcast of the Alex Jones Show, guest host David Knight welcomes Infowars editor Paul Joseph Watson to discuss the various factors suggesting the James Foley beheading video to be a contrived fakery, drummed up as a possible casus belli for Syrian military intervention. Knight also breaks down the impact of the earthquake in California's Bay Area and unusual seismic activity in other parts of the world, such as Iceland, Peru and Japan, with computer programmer and seismology expert Stan Deyo. On today's show, David also looks at the federal government's push to mandate car-to-car communications, and how that will give big government more control over everyone's lives, under the guise of wanting to prevent collisions. David will also air the premier of Alex Jones' latest interview with UFC announcer and stand-up comedian Joe Rogan, and will take your calls on this worldwide transmission.

Gerald Celente - Trends In The News - "Obama: Congress “are people of good will"' - (8/19/14)

"Oklahoma’s being hit with more earthquakes per year, Israel’s denying access to “Amnesty International” to go into Gaza & over the last 20 years “authorities have made more than a quarter of a billion arrests”. Land of the free? Grow up!"

Gerald Celente is One of the best-known futurists in the country is Gerald Celente. He is the founder of the Trends Research Institute. He is also the best-selling author of Trends 2000 and Trend Tracking. He has appeared on several of the largest media outlets in the world, offering his predictions for the future. His forecasts have often proved to be highly accurate.

 Gerald Celente
The Trends Research Institute The Martial Artist of Trend Forecasting —The purpose of trend forecasting is to provide insights and directions in anticipation of what the future may bring – and to be prepared for the unexpected.
Gerald Celente, a Close Combat practitioner and black belt trainer, well understands the importance of proacting rather than reacting: "The first rule of Close Combat is to attack the attacker. Action is faster than reaction. The same holds true for the future. You know the future is coming … attack it before it attacks you."

Founder of The Trends Research Institute in 1980, Gerald Celente is a pioneer trend strategist. He is author of the national bestseller Trends 2000 and Trend Tracking (Warner Books) – "Far better than Megatrends," and publisher of the internationally circulated Trends Journal newsletter.
Political Atheist — Gerald Celente is a political atheist. Unencumbered by political dogma, rigid ideology or conventional wisdom, Celente, whose motto is "think for yourself," observes and analyzes the current events forming future trends for what they are – not for the way he wants them to be.

Like a doctor giving a diagnosis after gathering the facts, whether or not you like the prognosis doesn’t alter the outcome, make him an optimist or pessimist – it’s simply what is. And while Celente holds a US passport, he considers himself a citizen of the world. Globalnomic® Trend Forecaster — Using his unique perspectives on current events forming future trends, Gerald Celente developed the Globalnomic® methodology which is used to identify, track, forecast and manage trends.
The world's only trends analyst covering 300 diversified trends fields, Gerald Celente and the Trends Research Institute provide trend research studies and consulting services to businesses and governments worldwide. Celente also designed the nation’s first professional course in trend forecasting.
Gerald Celente
Gerald Celente
The proof is in his past — Gerald Celente has earned his reputation as "The most trusted name in trends" by accurately forecasting hundreds of social, business, consumer, environmental, economic, political, entertainment, and technology trends. Among them: Celente coined the term "clean foods" in 1993 and predicted sustained growth in organic products in 1988.
When gold was at $275 per ounce in 2002, Celente said the price had bottomed and in 2004 forecast the beginning of the "Gold Bull Run." Since that time, with pinpoint accuracy, he said when, why - and how high - gold would go

Is Bitcoin a conspiracy to bring in a cashless society

Is Bitcoin a conspiracy to bring in a cashless society? Does it represent the mark of the beast? Julia Tourianski tackles these claims and much more.

How Islamic State Grew Out of U.S Invasion of Iraq, Destruction of Nation

Militants from Islamic State stormed an air base in northeast Syria on Sunday, capturing it from government forces. Fighters from Islamic State have seized three Syrian military bases in the area in recent weeks. This comes as the Pentagon considers expanding its airstrikes against Islamic State in Iraq to include targets inside Syria. Meanwhile another journalist who had been kidnapped in Syria, Peter Theo Curtis, has been freed after two years in captivity by the Nusra Front -- another militant group in Syria. Calls have been growing for the United States to attack Syria since Islamic State posted video showing the kidnapped American journalist James Foley being beheaded. Foley was captured in Syria in 2012. Meanwhile in Iraq, officials say suicide bomber targeted a Shiite mosque in Baghdad today, killing at least 12 people. We speak to Vijay Prashad, professor of international studies at Trinity College. He is the author of several books, including, "Arab Spring, Libyan Winter" and most recently, "The Poorer Nations: A Possible History of the Global South.”


An officer involved in policing Ferguson protests has been relieved from his patrol duties after video footage emerged of him describing black people as “little perverts” and Barack Obama as “that illegal alien claiming to be president”. the US military veteran is seen addressing a St. Louis chapter of the Oath Keepers, a conservative group of former servicemen, where he also boasted of previous killings.

He told the audience: “I'm also a killer. I've killed a lot, and if I need to I'll kill a whole bunch more. If you don't want to get killed, don't show up in front of me. “I’m into diversity – I kill everybody”.

Page is the same officer who pushed and threatened to arrest CNN journalist Don Lemon while he was reporting live from protests in Ferguson over the shooting of teenager Michael Brown. His speech quotes the declaration of independence’s statement that “all men are created equal”. He says: “That does not mean affirmative action. It means we’re all equal … God does not respect persons so we have no business passing hate crime laws. None. Because we're setting aside a group of people special."

Holding a copy of the Bible, he tells the audience: “This here is the foundation for this [the declaration of independence]. You can’t separate them. I don’t know what them black little perverts don’t understand down there, but they need me to talk to them. I’ll square them away for you.” "new world order" nwo operation exposed elite agenda truth military police collapse u.s. usa "united states" america event events future christian religion god world humanity time man freedom liberty camp "american dream" fight constitution children youth generation fight battle

Page also made disparaging remarks about Muslims, claiming “they will kill you” and expressed the view that the United States was on the verge of collapse.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar has apologised for the officer's “bizarre” remarks. In a statement, he said that while Page "has never been involved in an officer-involved shooting, the statements made about killing are unacceptable and not what we are about as a department".

Two days earlier, another St. Louis-area policeman, an officer from the town of St. Ann, was suspended indefinitely for pointing a semi-automatic assault rifle at a peaceful demonstrator and yelling obscenities.

The President of the Oath Keepers’ St Louis chapter told CNN Page was a guest speaker and not an affiliated member of the group.

The organisation said: "The statements made by Sargent Major Dan Page do not reflect the opinions of our local Oath Keeper Chapter, nor the national organization.

"Dan Page, speaking to the St. Louis/St. Charles, Missouri Chapter of Oath Keepers, explains how they plan to end American sovereignty and the Constitution, establishing martial law and merging the U.S. with the New World Order."
Obama Calls For Collectivized New World Order
"People are anxious.... the old order isn’t holding" “People are anxious. Now, some of that has to do with some big challenges overseas,” said Obama, adding, “But whether people see what’s happening in Ukraine, and Russia’s aggression towards its neighbors in the manner in which it’s financing and arming separatists; to what’s happened in Syria … to the failure in Iraq for Sunni and Shia and Kurd to compromise … to what’s happening in Israel and Gaza….” Writing for the Atlantic Council, a prominent think tank based in Washington DC, Harlan K. Ullman warns that an “extraordinary crisis” is needed to preserve the “new world order,” which is under threat of being derailed by non-state actors like Edward Snowden.Top diplomat Christopher R. Hill Ukraine crisis means that Moscow has betrayed the “new world order” it has been a part of for the last 25 years.

Breaking: Explosion 2 Dead 1 Injured Granite City Illinois

GRANITE CITY, IL (KTVI)- Two people have been killed and one is injured after an explosion at a recycling plant in Granite City. No one is able to get close to the bodies or the scene for fear of more explosions.
A mortar shell exploded at the Totall Metal Recycling plant which is located in the 2700 block of Missouri Avenue.
A Scott Air Force Base Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit has arrived on the scene.

FAKED James Foley Beheading Video

HOW they "FAKED" the James Foley Beheading Video
The "MOCK" execution and STAGED Killing of James Foley. Be a fool and consent or not...
Info for your brain. ALL you see in media is a LIE!!!!!

Axel Merk- Fed is at Fault for Everything-Including ISIS and Ukraine

Coming financial crash, War and Gold are all talked about with Axel Merk. Axel Merk of Merk Funds thinks there is a common denominator with ISIS and the Ukraine crisis. Merk charges, “The Fed is at fault with everything, including ISIS and Ukraine. We have fostered an environment over the last 15 years where we are eroding the middle class by having these ultra-low monetary policies. It drives global over production. What is happening is you have commodity prices high where corporations get squeezed. You have no pricing power. You have a flood of goods, and final goods prices are low. So, what happens are real wages stagnating in that sort of environment. In the U.S., you have the rise of the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street, but what you got in the Middle East are revolutions because people can’t feed themselves anymore. In Ukraine, the problem is they can’t balance their books. They can’t afford the natural gas. This is a common problem throughout the globe. . . . We have to get back to sound monetary policy. That is why the Great Depression ended up in World War II, and these same sorts of forces play out when people get dissatisfied.”

Ferguson Psyops Gone Wild !!!

At the risk of sounding cynical, President Obama was, is, and will be in dire need of several all-engrossing distractions for the remainder of his term. Diverting the public’s attention has reached paramount importance for this Administration. In Ferguson, he found it. With his poll numbers tanking literally by the day, and a whole docket of scandals knocking on his door, this Administration had to change the national conversation … FAST!
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